Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Diabolical Pact

Here's my latest two blocks.  I love this Kelpie!  The K stitch is Kelim for his mane.  I used 2 DMC variegated threads to stitch this.  The first was the darker blue which is one of their original variegateds (numbers in the 100s) and the other, the pale sea blue, is one of the newer ones (numbers in the 4000s).  The newer ones are much more variegated, the colour changes more quickly as you can see.   The darker blue is much more subtle.

A Lightning Bird - "A mythological creature in South Africa the Lightning Bird is the size of a human, black and white in coloring and it summons thunder and lightning with  it's wings and talons.  It is associated with witchcraft and has quite an appetite for blood.  Sometimes it takes on the image of a young man to seduce women." 

  And here's the whole piece so far:

Those of you that follow A Note of Friendship's blog may know I have challenged anyone who wants to enter into a smiley: devil"Diabolical Pact"smiley: devil with me to see who is first to finish this piece.  I will treat the first person to complete the letters (not the personalised blocks) before me to something from ANOF's website shop to the value of US$10.  And Julie will add a prize too.  She will also be giving a prize to the first person to beat her.  And she's a long way behind me!  So if you've been debating stitching this or have been stitching in secret then let me and Julie know you're in the pact!  The blocks are actually quite quick (apart from C and I) and would be even quicker if you were sensible and did them over 2 smiley: laugh so there's still time to catch up.

Other news:  I have found a rotation method which seems to work for me - daily rotation.  The trouble with a weekly schedule is I never want to put the piece down and my "weeks" stretched into 10 days then it seemed like a long time until I could pick the piece up again.  But with a daily rotation I can work on 2 or 3 pieces and still stitch them every other day.  So here is the current schedule:
Day 1 - Periphaeria Star SAL
Day 2 - Bronny's Sheepie Farm
Day 3 - Sssh, surprise stitch
Day 4 - as Day 1 etc
Day 1 - Joan Elliott Green Goddess
Day 2 - Autumn RR
Day 3 - as Day 1 etc
As I finish each piece another one is waiting in the wings ready to start, we have 2 Gazette 94 freebies and M is for Mummy coming up in the next available slots.

Of course, the Large Boy goes back to school on Thursday and we start the weekly voluntary work schedule which will cut into the daytime stitching quite a bit.

And finally, Look - 99 Followers!   Only 1 more to go (or 9 days).


cucki said...

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww it is really very lovely stitching..and i love the whole finish piece so is really looking so it so much xx

Mouse said...

ooo it looks fab all done on one piece :) well done .. thought about doing this one but unfortunately don't think i can squeeze it in :( love mouse xxxx

Jenny said...

Your sampler looks so cool! I love the Kelpie - probably my favorite so far! The dark blue that you picked was just THE best pick!
The lightning bird is pretty adorable - he looks a bit sneaky.... LOL

Kaisievic said...

This is looking gorgeous - I would love to join the diabolical pact but I am not sure where to get the pattern from?
Hugs, Kaye xoxox

P.S. Good luck with getting your 100th follower.

Giovanna said...

Aaaah, this alphabet is so beautiful! It's a joy to see your progress on it. Congrats on reaching your first 100 followers.

Susan said...

I won't be any competition on the alphabet, but will be cheering for you. Everytime I see your progress I start planning mine, but haven't gotten past the planning phase yet. Really like your rotation. I haven't found one that works well for my "new" stitching time.

Babs said...

Nice stitching, and I don't have a rotation, I simply just stitch what I want to stitch lol. Sometimes I don't stitch a month on my Haed, sometimes I can't lay it aside for weeks...

Topcho said...

Oh, love those! The Kelpie is so cute, lol! And I love your daily rotation. I'd love to say I have something similar, but mine is just randomly changing the prjects I work on several times a day! XD

Sally said...

Oh wow I love that piece you are stitching on. Love your two newest blocks!

Sarah said...

verry nics, i love it.

i follow you

Mvg Sarah

Jennifer M. said...

You've got a busy needle lady! That design you are doing with Julie looks really cool. I look forward to seeing that one finished.

Jen :D