Saturday, 4 June 2011

Yay! Photos are back as at 7th June

Unfortunately I still can't post photos on here, so I'll post links to my Picasa album.

I finished the Passione Ricamo freebie angel for my little Great-Niece this week.  She was born on Monday, I added her name and delivered it to her on Thursday.  She is a very cute with lots of black curly hair.  A nice weight of 7lb 6oz, she seems so tiny after my last 10pounder!  My niece is recovering well, she lives at home with Mum, Dad and 2 of her 3 sisters so I think baby will be a communal project.  There are lots of Great Aunties and Great Uncles too as well as two Great Grandmas so there will be no shortage of cuddles for this little IMP (I love her initials, too cute!)

Here's the photo

Other news this week - F is for Furies.  Not my favourite square, especially after E was so much fun!  But very interesting info on the Furies and the Forbidden Stitch.  I have a great "Fury" story to share when I have stitched this one.

Nimue's Baby Swing is going great guns, I love this project.  Someone else is stitching it on the Mirabilia Board as part of her 11 in '11 so it's nice to share.  We both agreed some of the recommended skin tones were too orange and I've made a couple of substitutions.  The mossy branch at the top is so much fun, it's 2 different blends of greens and browns plus 2 straight colours and is just great to stitch.

There are only 6 weeks until the end of term so I must start on the teachers' gifts.  Each year I stitch a small sampler for the large boy's teacher/s.  It features the name of the teacher, the school and the year they taught him which is why I don't post them online anywhere.  Reception teacher got an ABC, Year 1 got a blackwork castle in metallics, Year 2 got a rhino (her favourite animal!) and Year 3 loves Bagpuss.  The part-time teacher he had in Year 2 got a celtic dog and as he has her again this year (on Fridays only) I will make her a coaster with a JE Celtic Design.  It's either that or ask for last year's back and unpick the dates!!


Topcho said...

The works look great! I hope you'll be able to post pictures again soon! :/

Wendy said...

your angel looks great, what a great idea to make that into a ( sort of ) birth sampler !

Giovanna said...

Congrats on the lovely angel, but especially on the birth of your great-niece! Love the Nimue WIP.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thank! Wendy I'm a selfish stitcher. I choose projects I know I will love then try match them to the person!!

I'm not a big fan of typical baby samplers alhough I have done some. As baby will be room-sharing with Mum I wanted something suitable for both girls. And I don't have daughters of my own to stitch fairies for :-(

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Thank you for your comment Jo.
What a lovely design for a new born, and congrats to your Niece on the birth of her daughter.
I will let you know about the concert..I am sure we will love it :)

Lisa said...

Love the finished and framed angel, I bet it will be treasured.
Nice progress on the Baby Swing as well, so cute.