Sunday, 26 June 2011

Round Robin

Here's my piece for the RR I've just joined.  My first ever RR!

I decided on The Rainbow as my theme, each person will stitch one colour.  As there are six of us I'll stitch two bands.  I started with Green in the middle so the next person gets a choice of colour and so on.

I've chosen my bands from a sampler in a book by Brenda Keyes.  It is based on a 17th Century design but I've totally changed the colours to fit my scheme.  The first band is cross stitches in 3 shades of green.  The next band is Rice Stitch with bottom stitch in green and the top in green metallic (703 which I used on Baby Swing!).  The 3rd band is blackwork with some Algerian Eyes in a tweed of blue/green and dark green.  Originally I'd planned in using a variegated thread but didn't have one I liked so tweeded instead.  I actually prefer the tweeded effect alot of the time (and it's easier!).

I have also kept up my resolution to stitch every cover kit for the two magazines I get.  This week was Cross Stitcher magazine's turn.  As a member of EWBA (Enough With the Buttons Already!) I was not going to be fiddlefarting around with tiny little buttons covered in the hardest aida I have seen, it was like perforated paper!  So I used the aida to stitch the flowers directly onto the felt shapes then pinned them to this lovely tote bag I won in a FB giveaway.  I did use the buttons, I coloured in some scraps of fabric in tones which matched the bag then covered with tiny buttons with them and sewed them on the bag.

I have to give a shoutout to Rossiter Designs who sent me the bag via their FB page.  If you're on FB then type Rossiter Designs in the search box and up they pop!  I like their cute Russian Dolls designs best.


Gabi said...

You chose a lovely theme and chart. I love all designs from Brenda Keyes and looking much forward to see how the rest of it will look. It looks lovely now already.
That bag looks lovely too.

Jenny said...

What a great post! I love your RR idea, very cool. The bag is super-cute too and your flowers really made the final touch.

Joysze said...

Ooooh, new word... "fiddlefarting!" *giggle* I LIKE it. ;)

Your RR bag is going to be so cute, Jo. Your start is great....I'd have started with the green too. :D

Mouse said...

ohhhh lovely RR :) can't wait to see the full picture :) and I am giggling at your fiddlefarting heheheh:)
take care and happy stitching love mouse xxxx

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You'll love this - I googled "fiddlefarting" to see if it was local dialect and found the Urban Dictionary. The I looked up "fanny arsing" which was the other slightly ruder term I thought of using and it came up with this definition:-

"If you call someone a fanny arse and then they go look for the definition that would mean they are one.
It is usually used to illustrate that the victim is trying to win an arguement (sic), mostly they are correct but only on technicallity (sic) of definitions and confusion."

Does the fact that I was compelled to put "sic" after the typos means I am doubly one!!

Dontcha just love t'internet!

Anne said...

Lol! Fanny arsing and fiddlefarting! I'm going to use those in my speech from now on. Love the new RR, although I'm not entirely clear on what round robins are and have seen quite a few blogs talking about it. The bag is great for summer with those pretty flower buttons!

Dani - tkdchick said...

That is going to be a lovely RR!!!

Giovanna said...

Your RR looks like lots of fun for all. Gorgeous bag!

Leslie said...

Really cute RR projects...I am really enjoying reading your blogs :)