Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Gift of Stitching and Baby Swing progress

You were all right, The Gift of Stitching Magazine is brilliant!  I signed up yesterday and within 30 seconds it appeared in my inbox to download.  Three issues for $3 or £1.94 - amazing.  This issue has a free Ink Circles design which I love, it's on the front cover of the mag if you want a sneak look.  There are several other free designs inside, mostly smalls or instalment parts of larger designs.  Which causes me a problem because now I want to buy all the back issues!

The articles are interesting too, there's even one on ORTs but sadly no mention of the TUSAL!
If anyone is thinking of signing up I'd heartily recommend it, and please add Joanne P as your Tell-a-friend so I get an extra month free!

Other good news - thanks to a FB friend I have found a copy of the missing Cross Stitch Collection magazine.  I was sure I had bought all 6 of the JE Flower Fairy issues but just couldn't find the first one (Daffodil 193) anywhere.  This friend pointed me in the direction of an EBay Buy It Now offer, the same seller also had a copy of Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments 2010 so to save 50p on postage I had to get both!    Just Cross Stitch is impossible to find round here.  I used to be able to get American mags in the city but out here in rural-land it just doesn't happen.

Here is the latest Baby Swing - she's looking good with some backstitch.  The green lianas were tricky but look great.  They are a sort of twisted back-stitch, two squares forward, one square back in blended brown and green.  The stitch names are in French so I need to find a translation!  They don't really follow the squares so it was more like free-style embroidery than anything else.  My criticism of this chart is that the square grid is very faint so it's quite hard to count especially for some of the farflung leaves.  However as it's an organic picture rather than a geometric I don't think it matters if some of my leaves are slightly differently placed.


  1. Baby Swing is gorgeous . I love the mossy tree bough,it is so realistic.
    Glad you like GOS :) the magazine does have some great designs in it, and the designer info. is really interesting. I love that one can just download it as soon as a new issue comes out.

  2. well it sure looks good to me and well done on getting the daffodil fairy along with the other mag .. I have got all the fairies and the goddess's to do love mouse xxx

  3. Baby Swing looks awesome! Love the tree with all those greens and the truly awesome lianas !

  4. Jo, I have nominated you for the Kreative Blogger Award over on my blog :)

  5. Jo, you're moving right along with the baby. Looking great! :D

  6. Jo, I've read your comment on Lesley's blog and yes, you're right about the difficulty of choosing just one blog from all the beautiful creative ones out there.


  7. Wow Jo, that looks fantastic. I love all those moss greens and the gorgeous green leaves. You are doing a fabulous job. I know that I always get flustered when I don't have a chart to lean against, but that has certainly not stopped you - way to go!

  8. Growing nicely! The leaves are so pretty.

  9. What an adorable pattern your stitching on. Your doing an excellent job placing the leaves it makes it more personal.


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