Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Come into the garden, Maude

As you've probably spotted, when I take a photo of a finish I tend to concentrate on the light and whether the colours are true to life.  However I have noticed alot of blogs where people take lovely "staged" photos of their finishes, with little accessories and settings.  So here's my attempt.  The cards are the free gift with this months World of Cross Stitching (WOCS 179).  They are three flowers from The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady or possibly The Edwardian Diary of a Country Lady or the Lady's Diary of an Edwardian Country, some such thing anyway.   

Do you like my rock man?  I bought two from a cheap shop (QD) and hid them in the rockery when it was covered in weeds.  It took the large boy a while to spot them and he was quite surprised!  They are more visible now I can weed again.

This is the cutest plant ever, it's just for my follower Mouse, the plant is called "Tiny Mice" because the little flowers look just like little tiny mice with 2 big ears and a long nose.  The large boy saw it on the market and said we had to buy one.

Commenting on Comments:

Charlie asked where I got my Baby Swing chart from.  I actually bought it from an online shop Violarium which is based in Finland.  When it arrived with several free charts I discovered there is an official Nimue site which also sells the charts.  So you can get them from either source.  I have yet to discover a UK based stockist but EUR3 for postage is very reasonable and you get freebie charts too!  Violarium also has a blog and are currently offering free postage for the remaining day of June.

Anne said she wasn't sure what a Round Robin is.  Basically a group of stitchers get together and each one chooses a theme (mine is Rainbow).  Each stitcher starts work on her own piece then sends it to the next in line who stitches a part of it, she then sends it on to the next until eventually it arrives back at the first stitcher completed (hopefully!).  There are 6 of us in the group so there will be 6 pieces going round the world and I should get mine back next Spring!  The WorldwideRR Yuku board is a great place to learn more about them and drool over other people's work.

Glad you all liked the "fiddlefarting"!  I don't swear (it's a sign of a dull mind) but do love emotive language!  Dialect words are great fun too, one local favourite is "squit" as in "thass a loada ole squit" ie "it is alot of nonsense".  I also like the way we reverse words in sentences - when waiting in a queue and letting someone go ahead "Come on, get you served".


Babs said...

Nice pictures, I'm not sure where you are from really, but Sew and So seemed to be a good UK shop. I haven't ordered a lot online yet, but most I ordered online is at Polstitches, and they have most of my works so far.

Love, Babs

Mouse said...

* ooooo fame fortune .... ok just the fame then heheheh .. awwww those flowers are gorgeous ... haven't seen those before must try and find at local garden centre *waves to the wee one thank you * have got those cards to do too .. and love your rock man :) take care and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxx

Joysze said...

Great pics, Jo. I love seeing your garden. :D

Personally, I prefer seeing WIPs without staging, cos all the beautiful surroundings take the spotlight from the star. :)

Lissanne said...

I love your staged photos of your finishes, especially with your rock face! I have never even thought of doing that with finishes, but I did see it used a lot in scrapbooking blogs.

Jenny said...

I'm another garden-and stitch-lover, so I really enjoyed seeing your pic. I also enjoy reading about your garden-bling, XS sources and about language - this post has it all! :-)

Shannon said...

Very nice finishes and pics! :)

Gabi said...

Lovely cards and great pictures too.

Topcho said...

Love the pics! I'm such a great fail when it comes to taking pictures at finish works; whenever I can I just stuck them in the scanner XD
And the rock man is so cute, lol!

wendy111 said...

I love the pictures and the cards, Jo. I am fascinated by how beautiful some peoples photos are and wonder how they always manage to have the correct flowers etc! My photos are just straightforward ones of what I have stitched.

I did notice that abcstitch in the US also has Nimue charts (only noticed as they looked like your baby swing project).

Happy stitching

Giovanna said...

Very nice cards, Jo! The rock man is too cute, lol.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks everyone.

Babs, I'm in England and do use SewandSo alot, they are very reliable and cheap for P&P. I don't mind paying for stash but resent large amounts of P&P!

Photowise - I think for WIPS and large designs the basic photo of the piece is best. I always scan my WIPS as the colours are better. But for smalls a setting is nice. These cards weren't very exciting on their own!

Anne said...

Thanks Jo for answering my question about RR's. I think that's a fantastic idea!!! Maybe once I've done my two current WIP's I'll think about joining one!