Saturday, 16 April 2011

Commenting on Comments

Thank you for all your lovely comments!  I thought I'd better respond to a few:

MJ left some comments on my Picasa photo albums (see right for link).  I replied there but wanted to add some information about this sampler she liked.

The design came from magazine called "Needlework" from Future Publishing.  It was in the October 1998 issue and I must have really liked it as I stitched it straightaway as you can see from the date!  JMM were my initials then.
It was designed by a reader called Sally Hesketh who was a big fan of Tudor and Elizabethan history.  This was her first attempt at designing a C17th inspired piece.  I have googled her and found a Band Sampler in the current issue of Just Cross Stitch by a designer of the same name.
Maybe MJ has seen her work before which is why it looked familiar.  The article says she visits the Fitzwilliam Museum and Montacute House in Somerset for inspiration so maybe this piece was based on a more famous sampler?

Mouse asked about the LNS which is closing :-(  It is the Work Box in Timber Hill, the ironical thing is - they just won an award in WOCS for best regional shop in East Anglia!

Gillie - glad to hear you know "my" city too.  I worked there for 17 years and loved it, sometimes I wish I'd bought a house there instead of my hometown.  But I'm close to my parents which is good for me and the boys.

Glad you all liked hearing about Strangers' Hall.  It's great to revisit places from your childhood with your own children.  It's one of the things I enjoy about being a Mum, sharing books and places with my son.

Final pic for today, the Cover Kit from Cross Stitcher 239:

It isn't finished because I have sent it off to a friend so she can stuff it herself (easier to post flat!).  The stitching was nice and easy but I do NOT enjoy sewing these things together.  Especially the felt.  I find it very hard to keep my stitches nice and even.
Once again thanks for your comments and followings.  I'm trying to return the following favours so if I'm not already doing it then please put a link to your blog and I'll track you down!


Mouse said...

HI Jo have just been to their website and it doesn't say anything about closing :(???? I've got that pin cushion too but not done yet love mouse xxxx
ps love that sampler too :0

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

They're probably too depressed to change it! There is an ad on p30 of WOCS this month thanking everyone for their custom.

30th April is the final day. Ironically they have been busier than ever this month, everyone wants a bargain. I'm as guilty as the rest!

Crystal said...

Sorry that your LNS is closing, it is hard to find a good one these days. Love your little finish.

Ehren said...

Jo, I enjoy reading your blog and yr work is as fabulous as ever

Ziggyeor said...

Pretty pieces! Sorry your LNS is closing :(

Toni said...

I like the color of this :-)

Joysze said...

Oooh, LOVE the pincushion. Great idea to send it flat too. :)

StitchinKat said...

Hi Jo! I love your blog! Looking forward to reading it, as I am about to add you to my blog roll!