Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Longest Day Marathon 2017

This time last year I had the fun idea of stitching ALL my WIPs and UFOs on one day.  I chose the Summer Solstice as the Longest Day for the most stitching hours.  You can read all about last year here.

This year I decided to invite FB friends to join me live as I posted and several people did so.  Quite a few are stitching today as it is the actual Solstice today.  I was out of town so I had to do it a day early.  Kaye in the Southern Hemisphere stitched on just one project as it is their Shortest Day.

So where did I start?  By getting all the projects out and putting them on the bed:

You can see that I like to keep my fabric rolled in tubes, the long ones are wrapping paper tubes.

The first project was my 10-a-Day, Just Nan's Spring in the Square:

Followed by my 30-a-Day, Just Nan's Royal Blossoms:

Then I moved onto my 30 minute rotation.  Each 30 minute slot included getting the project out, photographing the before picture, stitching, photographing the after picture and loading onto Facebook.  So there's less than 30 minutes of actual stitching on each one.

Here we go with Project 3 at 9.00am:

Happy Hallowe'en by Imaginating

Stitched the L

Project 4 at 9.30am:

Witches by Oberlin Samplers

Started the W

Project 5 at 10.00am

The Stitcher's Alphabet by Brooke's Books

Stitched the border for X

Project 6 at 10.30am

The Enchanted Alphabet by Lavender & Lace

Started the M


Project 7 at 11.00am

Gardens of London by Chatelaine

Stitched some background

Project 8 at 11.30am

The Discworld Mappe by Lyndisfarne Designs

Stitched some land!

Project 9 at 12.00 noon

Little Snapdragon by Kustom Krafts

Stitched some wing

Project 10 at 12.30pm

Dragon of the Winter Moon by Dragon Dreams

Stitched some Kreinik spines


Project 11 at 1.30pm

Mermaid by Joan Elliott

Stitched an arm

Project 12 at 2.00pm

Gathering Eggs by Nora Corbett

Stitched more sleeve

Project 13 at 2.30pm

Memories by Just Nan

Stitched some pink flowers

Project 14 at 3.00pm

Faces Mystery SAL by Joan Elliott 

Stitched more ribbon and some leaf

Project 15 at 3.30pm

My Lovely Sewing Tools by Marie Suarez

Stitched some cream border

Project 16 at 4.00pm

Coffee Fairy by Yiota

Filled in some coffee

Project 17 at 4.30pm

Art Nouveau Head by the Craft Collective

Stitched some brown 

Project 18 at 5.00pm

Bande des Dragons by Dessins DHC

 Stitched some red scroll

Teatime, forgot to take a photo!

Project 19 at 7.00pm

Spring Sampler with motifs from The Samplermakers

Stitched some green leaves

Project 20 at 7.30pm

English Transitional Sampler by The Scarlet Letter

Some Holbein Stitch 

Project 21 at 8.00pm

Around the World in 80 Stitches by Papillon Creations 

Stitched some green border 

Project 22 at 8.30pm

NOEL by Ernie Bishop

 Stitched some more of the O

9.00pm - Storytime with The Large Boy, reading Science of the Discworld III

Project 23 at 9.45pm

Autumn Tree from an old Yahoo Group 

Stitched five eyelets just to say I worked on this one!

Project 24 at 10.00pm during the Small Boy's bath

12 Days of Christmas by Joan Elliott 

Stitched some green leaves in the border 

Apologies for the poor quality of some of the photos.  Some were from my iPad and some were just "point and click, move on to the next one".



Today is the posting day for Kerry's Theme-tas-Stitch too, which is:

Jardin June - Venture outdoors and put some stitches in a piece which has a garden or floral theme.

Several of my projects fit this theme.  Project 1, 2, 7, 9, 13, 19 and 21 to be precise!  I have also completed and framed a beautiful garden design since the last Theme-tas-Stitch post and gave it to my friend today.

Gathering Honey by Jannlynn Designs!

My friend loved it and said she hadn't forgotten she'd asked me to stitch it for her but thought I had!  So she was really pleased to see that I hadn't.

Finally, I really enjoyed the Stitching Marathon and it was lovely to have people stitching and commenting along with me.  It was so nice to get some of the older projects out again.  Some are mammoth pieces and will take years to finish while others could be done in a week or two.  But then there are my active WIPs already in the rotation!  So much to think about and plan.  I will definitely be doing this again next year anyway.   So make your plans now to join me!