Wednesday, 17 December 2014

2014 Online Advent Calendar

Here is our Online Advent Calendar, it will be updated every day. 
Scroll down to see the latest picture and a link to the poster's blog.

Pop over to each blog to see how they celebrate.
This year I have asked each blogger to tell us about their "Best Ever Present"

Monday 1st December hosted by Bruna

Tuesday 2nd December hosted by Carolyn

Wednesday 3rd December hosted by Cheryl

Thursday 4th December hosted by Christine

Friday 5th December hosted by Jacquie

Saturday 6th December hosted by Deborah

Super Sunday
Sunday 7th December is hosted by Katie G

 and Beadgirl

Monday 8th December is hosted by Astrid

Tuesday 9th December is hosted by Gracie

Wednesday 10th December is hosted by Heather B

Thursday 11th December is hosted by Vickie

Friday 12th December is hosted by Gillie

Saturday 13th December is hosted by Jocondine

Super Sunday
Sunday 14th December hosted by Susan

 and Sally

Monday 15th December is hosted by Justine

Tuesday 16th December is hosted by Katie L

Wednesday 17th December is hosted by Kaye

Thursday 18th December is hosted by Rosey

Friday 19th December is hosted by Sharon

Saturday 20th December is hosted by Sheryl

Super Sunday
Sunday 21st December is hosted by Lindsay and Michelle

Monday 22nd December is hosted by Margaret

Tuesday 23rd December is hosted by Hazel D

Wednesday 24th December is hosted by Shirlee

Monday, 15 December 2014

Preparing for Gifted Gorgeousness

I have decided to host my first ever year-long SAL - the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL.  This is a nice open SAL, not too many rules.  There is a special page here for you to sign up on (if the Mr Linky works!) and link to on your own blogs if you like.

Basically we will post once a month, on the 15th of the month, because it is 2015 next year and there are enough SALs which post at the end already!  You can join in every month or just drop in when you want.  There will be a linky post here every 15th for you to check-in.  Here is a short list of things which you may consider including in your Gifted Gorgeousness post:
  • Any chart/kit which was given to you
  • Any chart/kit which you won in a giveaway
  • Any chart/kit which you bought using a voucher given to you/won by you
  • Anything stitched on fabric received in the above ways
  • Anything stitched with floss received in the above ways
  • Anything embellished or finished with items received in the above ways
  • Anything which is intended as a gift or prize for another person
  • Anything else you can somehow shoehorn with word "gift" into!
an image you can use on your blog

I have been working on something this week that fits into the category so I thought it would be a good idea to introduce the SAL and show some of my choices for next year.

The piece I have been stitching is an Acorn House Design from JCS Christmas Ornie Special 2013.  In the magazine the finished piece is decorated with a lovely clay poinsettia.  Susan the designer sent one of these to Sharon Shebafudge and one to me to thank us for the skill and enthusiasm with which we tackled her Drac-in-a-Box!  How lovely is that?

I'm stitching it on 28count white evenweave with silver sparkles in it.  So it is coming up rather large for an ornie.  I may make a cube finish instead.  The red thread is a Weeks Dye Works which I won in a giveaway so this designs fits two categories!  The thread is an overdyed so there is a little variation in the shades, you can just see this in the photo.

Here are my collages for next year:

  1. JBW – Rocking Horse
  2. Teresa Wenztler – You were Hatched
  3. Kingfisher for school
  4. Dragon of the Winter Moon from Riona
  5. Joan Elliott – Believe for school
  6. Primitive Hare – Hallowe’en Blocks (Christmas present)
  7. Nutmeg Cottage from Susan

  1. L*K Friends from Sarah-Beth
  2. L*K Autumn from Cherise
  3. Beehive Needleworks Sunflowers & Acorns from Linda
  4. January Wordplay from Shirlee
  5. Brooke’s Books Witch (Birthday money)
  6. Nora Corbett Snowy Cottage from Nataly
  7. Custom Crafts Snapdragon from Lesley
  8. CCN Poinsettia Cottage from Stitcher Anon

  1. Marley was Dead from Stitcher Anon
  2. Strawberry Sampler from Lee
  3. Book of Spells from Carin
  4. Shepherds Bush She Tends from Kati
  5. Poinsettia from Susan Acorn House Designs (this will be replaced by something else, probably the Satsuma Street design I got for my Birthday!)
  6. Nora Corbett J from Justine
  7. Sweetheart Tree Tudor Rose from Vickie
  8. Shepherds Bush – Mini Samplers from Laura and Heather

When I add these to my 7 WIPS I get a grand total of 31 designs, one for every day in January.  Perfect for the DUCJC 2015 as organised by Linda Stitchin' with my Furbabies.

Finally, the Advent Calendar is going so well.  It's been lovely seeing all your stitching and reading all your stories about your favourite present.  I was relieved to discover that Susan's Dad did not hide her favourite present in the same place as Katie's!  Susan got a sister, while Katie got a puppy which was hidden in a cupboard!

Saturday, 6 December 2014

December WIPocalypse Recap of Accomplishments


WIPocalypse is hosted by Measi of Measi's Musings.

The main focus of my WIPocalypse this year is my "14 in '14" a list of 14 projects I wanted to complete in 2014.  In the last month I have worked on three of the list.  As this month's topic is a Recap of our Accomplishments over 2014 I will show you the progress on all 14 designs!  Do I hear a "WooHoo"?!!

1. Joan Elliott Green Goddess - Completed

2. Prairie Moon Thine is the Trick and the Treat - Progress as a WIP

Beginning of the year:


3. Maria's Wedding - Completed

4. Kat's Baby - Completed

Emily Peacock Circus Font

5. Teresa Wentzler You Were Hatched - Unstarted, carried over to 15 in '15

6. Primitive Hare Spooky Countdown - Completed

7. The Little Stitcher 12 Days of Christmas - 11 stitched, one to go!

8. Joan Elliott February Diary - UFO

9. Just Nan Winter Typography - Progress made on new start this year 

10. Firewing Dragon - Unstarted

11. Stitcheranon Chart - Unstarted, carried over to 15 in '15

12. A Mon Ami Pierre Noel Blanc - Completed

13. Shepherd's Bush Sampler - Unstarted, carried over to 15 in '15

14. Sam's Sampler Jannlynn Gathering Honey - Progress made on this WIP

Beginning of this year


So far the tally is:

6 completed (I am including the Little Stitcher in this because it will be done for the TUSAL post)
3 progress made
5 unstarted or now UFO

That's not too bad, better than 2013 anyway when I had only 2 finishes, 3 WIPs and 8 not stitched!

I have set my target for my 15 in '15 and here is a nice collage of them.  No names on them yet, I wonder how many you can identify from the photo?

New Starts:

Finally, I must apologise to all the blogs I follow and comment on, I have not been visiting you all as regualarly as I would like.  Since working quite obsessively on Green Goddess I have discovered how much fun it is to stitch for long periods of time and internetting has been cut down accordingly.  Unfortunately that means my friends' blogs.  I will try to visit you more often!!

Friday, 5 December 2014

Is It Still Hallowe'en?


Oh well, Hallowe'en stitching is for life not just for October!  I finished Jack-A-Rachnid today.  I could have finished him a week ago but I didn't have the beads and while I got 15% off in SewandSo's sale I did have to wait a little longer than usual for them to be dispatched.  Think 2-3 days instead of next day!

I stitched him one colour at a time starting with the black so the photos show the addition of each new colour:

Black only

918 added

3776 added

720 added

3825 added

Beads added.

The Jack part!

Wow, you can really tell the difference between the first scanned pictures and the final photographs.  The fabric looks totally different.  In real life it is not as bright as the scanned pictures and more vibrant than the photos!  It is a random piece of 32 count linen from a Crafty Kitten grab bag.  The design is by Tempting Tangles and comes from JCS Sep/Oct 2013.

I hope you are enjoying the daily updates on the Advent Calendar and remembering to visit each new blog every day.  Update time depends upon whether I am working or not but it will always be done by early evening.  Assuming the poster has remembered to post!  I am loving the stories about Best Present Ever this year, it's been a lovely heart-warming topic so far.  

Although I don't have a door myself this year I thought I'd share my story today.  A couple of years ago we had a pretty tough year, it was one of those years when you look forward to Christmas because you know it will all be over soon and you get a nice shiny New Year!  Hubby and I had set a budget for presents which we stuck to.  I can't remember what I got but it was probably something stitching related I had chosen myself!

After all the presents were opened hubby gave me and the Large Boy an envelope with a clue in it.  We solved the clue and found another and so on around the house.  Finally at the end we found an enormous wrapped box addressed to us both with love from Hubby and the Small Boy.  Very curious.  We unwrapped it and were bowled over by the most awesome present you could ever imagine.

I will interrupt myself at this point to say when I told this story to my colleage at work and said "Guess what I got for Christmas" he guessed correctly first time because he "said the most awesome thing he could think of".  Shows how much we have in common LOL.

Anyway, here is a photo of the most awesome thing ever!

Yes, hubby bought us the Lego Death Star!!

How utterly cool is that?

Finally, we now have 25 people joining me for Gifted Gorgeousness so far!  More are welcome.  Don't worry if you don't think you can join in much, just post and link up whichever month you have stitched on something suitable.