Tuesday 30 November 2021

November Stitch From Stash and Pie

 Let's start the post with some very evenly spaced pie:

If any one pie sums up this year, it will be this one.  2021 was intended to be my Year of Rotation following two years where The Discworld Mapp was my focus piece.  

You've seen most of the projects on that pie already, CCN Main Street and Hands on Design were both finishes this month.  Fairy Idyll was a WIPGO Goal met, Stoney Creek is rolling over to next month to complete the final three Days of Christmas.

That leaves my Bothy Threads 12 Days of Christmas.  I am in a race against time to complete another Day before the end of the year!

stitched on 32 count grey-blue linen

As usual, I am stitching all the background first, you can see the number 3 start to appear in the bottom left corner and the hen's tail in the centre top.  The gaps for the leaves are quite fiddly and although it doesn't matter too much if they are not in the correct space I have had no counting errors at all.  They only happen when it does matter!

I'm going to shift to the Stoney Creek 12 Days tomorrow and knock them out to see them finished this year and then return to this one.  Some of my stitching days are going to be a little shorter than usual because of working more shifts.  Short ones but even so, not getting home until 3.40pm still cuts down the stitching time!

Just Nan's Christmas Elegance is our current Band Sampler SAL and here's where I am after 4 weeks and 4 bands:

stitched on 28 count off-white evenweave

Here's a close-up of the lovely backstitch band:

 There are a lot of beads to be added at the end, fortunately I have the embellishment pack for this one so I don't need to try source them.

Spending-wise this was a good month.  There wasn't much I needed, just two skeins of DMC Metallic for this sampler.

In the interests of transparency, I realised that I had bought some DMC and beads in July which I hadn't included in my spending.  So July's SFS looks like this:

I will be amending my totals when I do my SFS check-in this month.

Finally, the annual Advent Calendar Blog Hop starts tomorrow!  My post with all the links will go up in the morning so you can see who is going to be taking part.  We will also have a special memory for a recently departed blogger.  Meg from Live to Stitch sadly passed away this month.  A close friend emailed me and asked to let her stitching friends now.  I suggested adding a link to Meg's blog on the anniversary of the last stitching post she shared with us all and we thought that was a nice way to remember her as it was a Christmas post.  Here's the post letting us know of Meg's passing - Stitchy McFloss


  1. Oh what great adventures you have planned out. I look forward to seeing all your updates. Thank you so much for the remembrance of dear Meg. She would love knowing that she is part of your lovely Advent Calendar Blog Hop! Thank you so much for letting others know about her blog, too. As stitchers, we all want to leave behind something to be remembered for...and I think her lovely work speaks so clearly of her amazing abilities and talents. Blessings always. :)

  2. Again beautiful stitching Jo .
    Enjoy a great day .

  3. Your Bothy Thread piece is so amazing, Jo! I think I would go batty trying to stitch it!

  4. Beautiful work on everything. Love the band sampler.

  5. I believe in you - you can finish that 3rd day! Even if you won't, you still made a lot of progress on a lot of projects, so I think this was a very successful year for you.


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