Friday, 26 May 2017

May Smalls SAL

Stitching Lotus Ornament SAL

The Smalls SAL is hosted by Stitching Lotus

This year I will be showing both my Hallowe'en and Christmas SAL partworks as well as any actual smalls I stitch.

Happy Hallowe'en by Imaginating gained a black cat:

And Witches by Oberlin Samplers gained a non-black cat:

Five Goooooolllllllllddddddddddd Rings for 12 Days of Christmas!

Here's the whole piece at the moment:

And this is literally how little metallic I have left to stitch:

I've been making steady progress on my Ten-a-Day project, Just Nan's Spring in the Square:

Day 147 - 1,470 stitches

As well as the humorously titled Ten-a-Day I am also doing a Thirty-a-Day for Linda's So Many Stitches.  I am stitching a series of the Just Nan freebies as ornaments for this challenge.  Here is the third one so far; Christmas Hearts:

Day 14 - stitched on 32 count antique white evenweave

The iPad takes rubbish photos and you have the light coming in from the left changing the fabric colour, but it's quicker and easier than getting the camera out every morning!

I have been very disciplined and finally-finished both of the ornies as I went.  Here's number 2; Christmas Star:

stitched on 32 count Twilight Blue linen

backed with plain blue felt


I changed the metallic and beads to silver and crystal for this project instead of the charted gold.  I think they look more elegant on the blue fabric.  The fabric is the very stiff Wichelt linen which isn't so nice to stitch on but does make it really easy to ornamentify.  You just fold it along a thread and it stays folded!

Finally, I posted another Blogger of the Week, a newer-to-me stitcher this week.  Remember, the blog isn't just for me and my Old Pals network - if you're new to stitching or blogging please do ask to be featured.  I love meeting new friends.


  1. Oh my goodness... I'm really starting to fall in love with Spring in the Square. Still loving the 12 Days! I need to spend a day finishing, because I have completed pieces all over just waiting for finishing, and I keep worrying they are going to get ruined. Love your posts!

  2. So many projects - and all so lovely! That needle has been flying! The '5 rings' is particularly pretty, and I am so impressed by the progress you have made on the 12 Days of Christmas.

  3. Hooray for cats! The non-black one has a goofy grin, how adorable. And the Just Nan Spring is very pretty, even with all that pink (dodges flying poodles).

    There are beads to go on 12 Days, yes? I sense that you will be very glad to get that border finished.

  4. Love your Just Nans, they are gorgeous!! Five gold rings looks great too! Lot of beautiful stitching.

  5. You are busy with so many beautiful projects. I think that is the prettiest "12 Days" I have ever seen!

  6. I bet you're relieved the border is almost done. The just Nan's are beautiful. The more I see them, the more I want to get her patterns.

  7. Lovely stitching Jo.12 Days Of Christmas is gorgeous.

  8. Your finishes are so beautiful and I am enjoying your progress on 12 Days.

  9. Your Spring In the Square is absolutely lovely! I do very few Just Nan designs, but I so admire them :) Nice progress on your 12 Days, as well...

    Hope you are getting a lot of stitching time over your long weekend :)

  10. You'll be breathing a sigh of relief when the gold is finished does look lovely.
    Spring in the Square is fab.

  11. I agree with Desiree - the more I see Spring in the Square the more I love it. A great little project. And nice progress on your other projects as well.

  12. Lots and lots of gorgeous projects, my dear. My favourites are the two kitty cats, naturally!

  13. Lovely stitching !! Will check your new featured blogger.

  14. Great progress, I love the cats and how steadily everything is coming along.

  15. Your 12 days is coming along so nicely! And I love the Just Nan things! Lots of nice work this month!

  16. Love the colours on "Spring in the Square"!
    Lovely ornament, the beads gave him such a delicate look!


  17. Holiday weekend for me, just getting caught up on blog reading. I do believe next year I will do a ten a day project. I have so enjoyed watching yours

  18. Wow, amazing progress on your projects! I love Christmas Star, the colors are gorgeous. You're making great progress on 12 Days of Christmas! :D

  19. Lovely ornament finish.

  20. Great stitching Jo, I agree, the silver and crystal look better than gold would have.

  21. Wohoo so many beautiful projects. I missed watching your progress.

  22. Yay on almost completing the metallic thread on the border. I know it can be a pain but oh man is it nice and sparkly! I know you've explained it in the past but keeping up with all the SALs and wips that you have on the go would do my head in. You're very good stunner. They are all coming along really nicely.
    xo Alicia

  23. I really enjoy watching your WIPs come along! And all of your ornaments are just so lovely!!


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