Thursday, 29 December 2016

December TUSAL and Smalls SAL

The Smalls SAL is hosted by Heather from Stitching Lotus

This year I had two Small Challenges:

2. The Christmas Ornie SAL Blog

For both challenges I chose a larger piece which could be broken down into segments to meet the monthly themes.

For the Hallowe'en Blog it was Counting Bats by Just Nan:

stitched on 32 count lavender linen

And this little Bad Bat Fairy based on a Lucie Heaton design:

And Just Nan's Ghastly, Ghostly Ghouls to cover 2 months:

And for the Christmas SAL it was the Christmas Cubes by The Primitive Hare:

stitched on 35 count Country Mocha linen

I stitched six of the Daffycat Reindeer for the Christmas SAL for the months when there wasn't a suitable cube:

I also made use of the Fifth Fridays in three months and stitched three of the Teresa Wentzler Byzantine Ornaments:

stitched on 28 count burgundy linen

There were other smalls throughout the year and by clicking on the label "Ornament SAL" you can see them all.

The next SAL is the Tusal It's TUSAL time again!  

For those of you new to blogging, the TUSAL is a project run by Daffycat, click on the button on the right hand bar for more details.

Here is my ORTS jar posing with the current stitching project:

Joan Elliott's 12 Days of Christmas for the Stitch Maynia FB Challenge

On the First Day of Christmas this is what I stitched:

On the Second Day of Christmas this is what I stitched:

On the Third Day of Christmas this is what I stitched:

On the Fourth Day of Christmas this is what I stitched:

On the Fifth Day of Christmas this is what I stitched:

Here is the whole piece so far:

And here is a close-up of the Angel:

Each day I stitch one length of thread on each of the blocks and then spend the rest of the day stitching on the Angel.  In the evening I stitch more border!

Finally, I have put up the new Sign-Up Page for Gifted Gorgeousness and added a new logo for 2017.  I have noticed that a few people still have the link to the 2015 SAL in their sidebars.  Neither the 2015 nor the 2016 will link now, I have retired those pages so please link using this new photo and the new page link.  I hope that lots of you will join in again next year, the rules are pretty free and easy and there are sometimes giveaways too.


  1. Beautiful progress, finishes and round-up! Thanks for the link!

  2. You have had a very productive year, Jo! Your stitching is gorgeous and so is your finishing...the Christmas Cubes look amazing!
    Have a Happy, Healthy and Blessed New Year

  3. The reindeer cube is a great idea and looks wonderful.
    You've done lots of the new start. I haven't picked up a needle (knitting or stitching) in over two weeks :-(
    Happy New Year
    I've signed up for the GG, added the new logo to the blog.

  4. Great Hallowe'en stitching, Counting Bats is a lovely project.
    I love your Christmas stitching and your JE facebook challenge is coming along well.

  5. Wonderful finishes all - the Halloween pieces are so fun and I'm sure I've already told you how much I like the Christmas cubes. Love the reindeer cube, what a great idea!

  6. Jo, I signed up for GG 2017 and linked to your home page. Hope that is ok.
    Love all the projects!

  7. That angel is so pretty. You showed lots of wonderful smalls.

  8. You had a very successful year! Great to see some old favourites here again, like those review of the year programmes on the BBC! For some reason the 15th of the month hasn't worked for me this year but I love the ethos of this SAL and will try harder next year!

  9. Nice progress on the 12 Days. And seeing all the SAL stitching is wonderful.

  10. Twelve days has grown a lot in a short time!

  11. All your works are beautiful. I especially love those Christmas Cubes, they are really wonderful.
    Happy New Year to you!

  12. So much beautiful work going on in this post. Love them all!

  13. I love all your finished pieces!
    Your angel in the SAL is lovely, looking forward to seeing that one finished.

  14. You had a wonderful year. Love 12 Days - I've been toying with buying the pattern.

  15. Wonderful stitching, Jo, you should feel so pleased with your stitching accomplishments this year. Great progress on your Stitchmaynia piece. Thank you so much for inspiring me to join this great FB group.

  16. Gorgeous finishes and stitching Jo. I'm loving your 12 Days piece.


  17. Lots of wonderful stitching over the year, I particularly like your little Lucie Heaton fairy. Those are always SO cute.

    I am determined to get back to stitching and blogging this year. Although I always fail miserably at the different SAL's, not participating this year in anything seems to have led to a massive reduction in stitching.

  18. Bravo for the Ornies SAL, I do love the counting bats, I'm feeling the Halloween contagion very near to me... Primitive Hare Cubes are really clever, nice way to spell Christmas, we'd love to play with them too (I and Capucine!). xxx

  19. There was a lot of stitching last year - and a lot of finishing, too. Very productive, I must say.

  20. You did great with your smalls challenges this year, and made some amazing progress on 12 Days already. I'll make sure to link to the new GG page on my blog when I tidy it up one of these days!

  21. That was such a lovely post to read. I love all your stitching. Your angel is so sweet.

  22. Beautiful stitching :) You had a great year!

  23. Lovely stitching and finishing as well!

  24. Lovely stitching! I'll definitely be linking up for GG again :D

  25. Whoa what a year stunner! You always have such interesting creations for every theme. They turned out spectacularly.
    xo Alicia

  26. Amazing finishes!!! Love your 12 days of Christmas

  27. The little reindeer made a perfect cube project! Love it!


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