Sunday, 11 September 2016

Solo September - Sort Of

Justine has hosted a series of OAAT months this year and we are currently in Solo September.  Because of my rotation I can't truly OAAT but I can do Focus on a Finish instead.  This month's focus is the Sugar Skulls by Brooke's Books.  I am stitching these on the recommended perforated paper as a wedding gift for my niece.

I've started on the Senorita Skull and have hit a snag.  I'm using 3 strands of B5200 which I'm also using for Ghostly Mandala and the Christmas Cubes.  And I have about three lengths left.  I ordered some during the week from a mega-cheap eBay shop and it duly arrived.  Except they sent 6 skeins of Blanc instead of 1 Blanc and 5 of B5200.  I rarely use Blanc and need the B5200!   The nice lady apologised and will send the replacements tomorrow.  So by Tuesday I can crack on with my white.

In the meantime I've started the flowers for her hair.  I would have stitched the black Kreinik too but it's playing Hide and Seek with my black PTB somewhere!  My list said I had some but it wasn't in the Kreinik box.  It wasn't in the bag with the DMC metallics and I couldn't remember when I had last used it.  Blog to the rescue!  A quick search for Black Kreinik and I discovered I had bought it for Trixie the Hallowe'en Witch.  Which means it may be with the charts and once I have time I can search for them.

I think this pink Kreinik may be glow-in-the dark?  055F

In the evenings I have been focusing hard on Ghostly Mandala by Ink Circles and now have only this corner to complete:

stitched on 32 count Autumnal Woodland by Crafty Kitten

This is the next Christmas Cube by Primitive Hare, excuse the blur, I didn't have the macro on.  I'll take a proper one when it's finished:

stitched on 35 count Country Mocha from Willow Fabrics

I did a little FFo'ing this afternoon and made another cube.  Four done, five to go and we've got seven weekends until Hallowe'en.

I'm using the same fabric in three different colourways for the backs and sides of the cubes.  Each one is 4 x 4 x 2 inches.

Matt LeB5200 as Dr. Drake Ramoray

Days of Jo's Life Blog Hop

AKA The Big Birthday Blog Hop

Finally, I spent this morning typing out my life story in segments and emailing it to the participants of my Big Birthday Blog Hop.  So if you signed up to take part and haven't had an email, please contact me ASAP so I can double check.  For the rest of you, the Blog Hop will take place on my Birthday which is next Saturday 17th September.  I will have a list of blogs and which year they have been allocated.  You just hop around and enjoy my life story!  Provide your own cake and balloons.


  1. Great progress and congrats on the awesome cube finish Jo. I loved Joey. I always go for the dumb dorky ones.


  2. Such a pain when an order is messed up. Glad you will be getting the replacements soon. I enjoy stitching on perforated the Brook's Books designs. Currently am working on a Mill Hill perforated southwest design

  3. Now that is a pink I do not have!!!

  4. Great progress. I know the feeling of running out of floss and waiting, fingertapping instead of stitching, aaahh. Eagerly waiting to read all the fun of your Big Birthday Blog Hop😊

  5. Jo: So sorry you had a mix-up of the threads, at least she is willing to admit to her mistake.
    I love the Sugar Sculls, all your stitching projects are wonderful.


  6. Ghosts is so close to a finish and the sugar skull looks like a good start, except of course for the elusive threads. Nice work on the cubes - you'll get them FFed I'm sure.

  7. How frustrating with the thread! I hate when that sort of thing happens. The ghost Mandala is almost finished. It is so great for Halloween.

  8. I like the idea of Justine's Solo months but I wouldn't be able to just stick to one project... my other WIPs tell me off enough as it is! :o)
    Your sugar skull is coming on nicely.. bu**ger that the order was sent wrong but at least the right threads are on their way now!
    Your ghosties are looking fab!
    I was getting worried about the birthday blog hop... but I can confirm that I have now received my year email so I will get that post up on Saturday :o)
    Hugs xx

  9. Congrats on another cube finish!! I have been trying to frame my finishes for the past one year. Your other projects are looking great too. I always wonder what to show on your bday hop post because I don't stitch what you stitch. May be you have to change your taste to fit in my stitching projects to make yourself happy, lol, but I know I don't stitch anything bad that might make you unhappy.

  10. I wouldn't have expected you to join Solo September are the Queen of Shoehorn after all! Your Skulls are off to a great start, and Ghostly Mandala is so close now!
    Oh and some finishing and blog-hop planning too. You definitely have a clone!

  11. Love all your stitching. Those cubes are just amazing! Also really like the ghost mandala, great to hear the thread mix up was resolved without too much bother. Enjoy you Birthday next week.

  12. Was so excited to get your email and find out what year I have been assigned. Ghostly Mandala is so close!!!!!

  13. Still loving the ghosts! The rest of your progress - especially those Halloween cubes - is awesome :)

    My brain gets really melodramatic over the weirdest things, and if I had gotten Blanc instead of B5200, I think I would have swooned and cried out about how my world was ending. I'm glad the order is getting sorted out relatively quickly for you, though.

  14. I too would rather have B5200; it's such a nice crisp white. And good on the shopkeep for not being fussy about the mix-up! Sometimes it's a bit hit-or-miss with eBay stores.

    Looking forward to your blog hop! :D

  15. Everything looks great. You've done a wonderful job with the block finishing.

  16. The cubes look superb, you always have something lovely to see when I visit here.
    I'm looking forward to reading the blog hop for your birthday.

  17. Those cubes are gorgeous, the cake and cup yummy too. B5200 is become my favorite white, I stitch it on every work. Mandala looks great and ghosts look really happy together. My only try on perforated paper is very recent on a little gift tag. xxx

  18. Great start on the skull - I hope you'll get your floss soon (and find the one MIA) so you can continue without further incidents! Great jobs on those cubes as well and WOW; the Ghost Mandala is almost there!

  19. Lovely start!! Beautiful stitching!
    So pretty halloween cubes!

  20. Very frustrating when the threads grow legs, I hope you find the missing ones soon and glad you'll get the B5200 soon. Awesome cube finishes! Any preferred tutorial you use?

  21. Hi Jo, Oh, I am losing floss and patterns and the actual stitching ALL OF THE TIME - so frustrating as I work hard to be organised with such little success - lol! Hey, I haven't received an email for the Birthday blog hop - I am sure that I signed up for it, didn't I? (note of uncertainty in her voice!) hugs, Kaye

  22. Can I ask is that a cake on the wedding gift wip. It looks like a really cool mask at the moment! You're on fire with all your Halloween projects too. Love those cubes. xoxo Alicia

  23. Awesome stitching, and I LOVE those cubes! They look fantastic. I've been busy trying to think of what to include in my Birthday Blog Hop post. Lots of ideas! :D

  24. Awesome progress I expect I'll see a finish in the next post! (Unless you already have lol I read my blog backlog oldest to newest :))

  25. Beautiful progress on your pieces!!

  26. It's a little bit the same here. As I have two SALs running I stitch on them also this month. But I have chosen one of my BAPs for Solo September. And of course I hope to complete it until the end of the month.
    It must have been a lot of work to put together all the little segments of your life but it was worth it. I'm nearly through with hopping from one blog to the next and reading all the bits and pieces. So much fun.


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