Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Turning a Corner, or Three

Here's the corner I showed you on Friday:

And here's another one:

And here's a third:

And when I stitch the fourth one you'll be allowed to see the whole piece!

Those corners are stitched in DMC metallic and outlined in the DMC metallic which is why they are taking some time.  They are full of fractionals too.

I can show you this piece and name it now a few people have identified it as Ink Circle's Ghostly Mandala:

stitched on 32 count Autumnal Woodland from Crafty Kitten

This design was in Just Cross Stitch Hallowe'en Special for 2014 and is now available as a chart direct from Ink Circles website - Ghostly Mandala.  Here is how it looked in the magazine:

I've switched the colours round and am stitching with B5200 on dark fabric.  I am still wondering whether I should have stitched the actual ghosts in white rather than stitching the background.  Maybe I can do it again that way round!  I have lots of this fabric as the lovely Rachel gifted me a large piece she could not get on with.  I have the magazines for 2012 and 2013 which have two of the other Spooky Mandala in so I could be stitching these for some time to come!

I have done seven evenings of stitching so far and have stitched 7.5 ghosts  You can count and calculate how long it will take at this rate!

I also finished another letter for the Christmas Cubes by The Primitive Hare as my contribution to the Christmas Ornie SAL Blog:

stitched on 35 count Country Mocha from Willow Fabrics

And here is the whole piece so far:

I'm stitching them out of order to fit in with Kaye's themes on the blog.

I also found time to do some very old framing!  This is Max's Moon by Bucilla, a kit I stitched in 2008 and rediscovered in February this year.  The white is not glow-in-the-dark threads, it just really pops against the black aida.

Beaded Moon

Lots of white backstitch fur


Finally, I know many of you already know and follow the antics of The Little Dog with the Grand Ideas, Stewey and his Spinster Mo-ther, Coni.  You may not know they are having a very difficult time at the moment and could do with some kind thoughts and prayers.  If you can spare some, pop over to Chez Spinster and leave a kind word.


  1. I much prefer the way you are stitching the ghosts - the darker fabric really mkes them pop.

    The fur on that kitten really looks like it's glowing in the moonlight. What an incredible effect!

    Looking forward to the grand reveal on your TW.

  2. Love the stitching. Coni and Stewey are on my daily read list...and yes, let's give them hugs and thoughts.

  3. I really like the way you are stitchi8ng the ghosts. The dark fabric is great. Plus good for you working with the metallics. I know how difficult that can be.

  4. Beautiful stitching, looking forward to more updates. Yes I agree they need hugs and thoughts and prayers. ~ C's Cross Stitch Creations~

  5. I love all of your pretty stitching. Your kitty in the moonlight is really beautiful. I love that black background.

  6. Anytime now and we'll get to see this fab finish! So nice to see Kitty framed, she's so adorable. Cute ornie finish as well. And your Mandala fabric and color choice are awesome, what an interesting piece:)

  7. Oh, Jo, lovely stitching but Max's Moon really stands out to me as my favourite - now, I wonder why that is, Jo, my dear? lol!

  8. Oh looking forward to the reveal of TW piece. Wow it must take some counting to stitch the back ground and not the ghosts as per the chart. The fabric is perfect for this design.
    The framed piece looks lovely. The whole design stands out on black fabric.

  9. Love your framed piece Jo and also love the ghosts the way you are stitching them.


  10. OH my, oh my, this dark fabric you are stitching the ghosts on looks so dramatic. A gorgeous choice for this design.
    Max's Moon is such a lovely design. It looks so special with the glowing moon and the cat fur standing out against the light of the moon.

  11. You're stitching up a storm, looking forward to a finish soon.
    I love that kitten piece

  12. Beautiful stitching.....

  13. Such beautiful stitching. I tried Max's moon once and put it in a UFO pile. I think it was the dark aida that did me in. It looks fabulous.

  14. Aww, Little Max and his moon are really cute. How great to finally have it framed.

  15. Your corners look fantastic. Keep it up! You will be happy dancing soon. Love your ghosts piece. Great decision to do light on the dark fabric. Love the framed kitty. Too cute!!

  16. You deserve a medal for working with metallic threads. I avoid them where possible as I just hate working with them.

  17. Max's Moon is just gorgeous! Love it!
    You deserve a medal for those metallic corners!!

  18. Excellent framing and nice tease of the TW! For the Ghostly M, it's the journey right? I like it this way, but having it opposite would be interesting too.

  19. Eww, metallic. They look so pretty but such a PITA. Love your ghosts.

  20. Wow you've been busy, beautiful stitching, love the Christmas Cubes and Max's Moon is very cute.

  21. Oooh get that TW finished girl!!! The fabric you're using for your Ink Circles is amazing and perfect!

    A lovely little finish and your reclaimed kitty is adorable!

  22. beautiful works, all of them! And I must thank you... you just gave me an idea to use the black aida lying in my drawer from too long!

  23. Nice job finishing. Love the pieces you are working on.

  24. Lovely stitching! That ghost mandala looks like a lot of work, but it's definitely cute. Keep it up! :D

  25. Not glow-in-the-dark for the ghosties?!

    That Max is adorable though. My first thought was LOOKIT THE FUZZ (very excitedly). Backstitching A++++ would view again.

  26. Great progress on You were hatched, can't wait to see it finished now. And that spooky mandala looks great, this fabric really is a perfect choice!
    Max's Moon is a lovely piece, I've thought about stitching that one before. Yay for finally getting around to frame it!

  27. Wow I love your pieces so far the moon turned out great!

  28. Love Max! So pleased to see him all framed and ready to be showed off :o)
    The ghostly mandala looks great - every time I go through the magazine I stop and look at that one and wonder whether to stitch it - maybe yours will be inspiration I need!!
    Your Christmas cubes are growing each month!!
    Hugs xx

  29. Another great post and eclectic mix of designs Jo. I like your choice of Thread and fabric for the Mandala and think it looks great that way round.
    Really like your dragon too.


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