Monday, 29 February 2016

Happy Extra Day!

Did you all enjoy your extra day today?  Hope you managed to get some stitching in anyway.

I have made a good start on the third of Nora Corbett's Alphabet Fairies - E

I am stitching her on the same fabric as my J which is another Crafty Kitten 32 count Murano, this one is called Love-in-the-Mist.  This is 2 day's worth of stitching:

There's quite a lot of metallic in this one and also quite a few beads.  I am very interested to see how long she takes too.  You would think that each fairy would take roughly the same amount of time to stitch, give or take a few days.  But look at this month's Pie Chart:

Nora's S fairy was stitched up in a mere 10 days.  Now this chart shows 8 days for the C fairy but she already had 14 days in January, so that's a massive 22 days in total.  More than twice as long as S fairy.  Now maybe I spent more time stitching each day in February but I don't think so.  C was just a lot more stitching!  I wonder where E will be?  I intend to stitch on her as much as possible now because I do have four full days at work in the next two weeks which really reduces my stitching time to about an hour a day.

I've also been making great progress on Shepherd's Bush's Mulberry Sampler and here's the bottom portion I've been stitching the last couple of evenings:

This part is all speciality stitches, including a full 6 strands of thread couched in place.  I've got another row and a half of Bargello and a row of Smyrnas and then it's on to the cutwork!  I leave that until last so I don't distort that part when I continue stitching.

Isn't Bargello awesome?

I am tracking my spending this year but not with any budget in mind, just to see where it all goes!


Cross Stitch Crazy£4.99
iStitch Charts x 2£15.11
Flossaway bags£4.05
Beads (fairies)£7.21
Kreinik (fairies)£6.50
Just Nan chart£9.86
Total Spend£47.72

I bought a single issue of Cross Stitch Crazy because there was a big article about the Stitching Out Stigma project I was involved in last year.  The squares have all been made into two hangings which are being displayed in the new Mental Health Unit in University Hospital Llandough, Wales.  You can see all the individual squares in the online Gallery too.

The article
a close-up of one of the hangings, with my square top row, second left

The iStitch charts were because Carol was having a sale so I bought two Advent Charts which one being half price.  The weird price is because Carol's charts are sold in US$ so they convert to odd pence.


Easter Treasure Hop

Finally, it's nearly time for the Easter Blog Hoppity Hop!  Taking place over the Easter weekend each participant will be allocated a letter of the alphabet which they must post along with a nice Easter or Spring themed stitched photo.  In recognition of the varied talents of my followers I think you can also show any sewn, quilted or otherwise crafted Easter or Spring themed items.

Everyone will then hoppity hop around like a little fluffy bunny and collect the letters which will spell out something seasonal.  If you would like to be a picture poster then please drop me an email.

If you'd like some inspiration then look at the freebies on this page of my blog - Themed Freebies


Daniela Bencúrová said...

I see that you are today used the extra day!
Everything is wonderful!
Good start in March!

Thoeria said...

I always so much love your fabric choices, Jo! And you're certainly making good progress on this fairy!

Vickie said...

How awesome is that, to have your work in the mag, but more importantly in the hospital. Way to go Jo!

Kaisievic said...

Oooh, E is going to look lovely on that fabric, Jo, great choice.

Kaisievic said...

P.S. Love your square for the Stitching Out Stigma project - looks like a worthy cause!

KimM said...

Your sampler is so darned pretty. I love Bargello, too. Wish I could participate in this year's Easter Hop, but will be in Singapore visiting GS, DD and SIL.....I'd better not commit as I'm not sure where I'll be. They are talking about taking me sight seeing somewhere for a few days. Anyway, keep stitching, take care and have loads of fun with your hoppity-hop.

Katie said...

Wohoo it's pie chart time. Just love your pie chart. So funny how different the letters were time wise. I notice that happens a lot for my pieces too. I think it depends how much in love you are with a piece. I think my needles just fly when I'm in love. Plus depends on what I'm watching/listening to on the TV. I remember the piece you did for the magazine. So neat to see the article you helped contribute too. Good luck in March!

Claudette497 said...

That's a beautiful fabric, and what a great cause you stitched for!

Tiffstitch said...

Great work on E and that is so cool that you can see your design in the magazine. Great cause too.

Barb said...

You did make good use of the extra day. I went to my book group, did PT and will stitch the evening away! Love those fairies and the fabric is just right.

Linda said...

Lovely projects and nice progress Jo.


Mini said...

Great start on E. It would be interesting to see all the alphabet fairies together.
Yes I had a good extra day.Started stitching after procrastinating over a month.
Congratulations on being featured in cross stitch crazy .

Heather said...

Lovely stitching jo I'm just about to start stitching for the first time today.

Preeti said...

Your E is going to be as gorgeous as others. Lovely Bargello!! This and hardanger are on my list too but first I should complete the blackwork. Thanks for sharing the article, I will read it . Your contribution for a good cause is great!!

Brigitte said...

Oh great, you started the next little fairy. And on that marvelous fabric again. Great choice.
Mulberry Sampler shows great progress, I also love stitching specialty stitches but haven't done that for a while. It seems that I should pull out my Drawn Thread piece again.

Brigitte said...

Lovely, the block that you stitched for the hanging. This project deserves a big article in Cross Stitch Crazy.

Rachel Tomkins said...

I thought your 'C' stitched up a lot quicker than your 'S' but assumed it was because you were spending more time with her. Love your pie chart as usual but when you started mentioning the different stitches I just nodded my head and pretended to understand! :)

Christine said...

E is growing nicely. I LOVE Bargello, it's so effective and stitches up really quickly

Irene said...

la tela Murano che hai scelto è splendida, sono bellissimi i tuoi ricami

Lili said...

Lovely new start! Beautiful progress on the sampler.

D1-D2 said...

Lovely progress. I love the colors in that sampler.

Melinda said...

Reading your blog is just the best. First of course I have to find this copy of Cross Stitch Crazy to read about your project, I hope it is still on our shelves over here, Special Thanks for sharing the link to IStitch I am bummed I missed the February sale, but sure I can find several ways to support this designer. And my goodness, the Themed Freebie list. Love the pie chart.

Justine said...

Ooh famous again! Congratulations on having your work featured. I remember seeing your design and thinking it was really inspired.
I LOVE theverything fabric you're stitching those fairies on! It really sets off the colours in E and J.

Beth in IL said...

You are quite busy! Fun to see all the neat stitching. Love the pie chart.

Bea said...

Looks like another beautiful letter in the making. I remember when you stitched the square in the hanging. What a wonderful project and result.

Suz said...

E is already looking beautiful - can't wait to see it all finished on that fabric!

Leonore Winterer said...

Great progress on the fairy and the sampler :) I hope you'll find some time to work on them, despite the other work getting in the way.

Renee said...

Great progress on your J! How fun to see your work featured in the magazine. Beautiful work.

jocondine said...

Thanks for this extra post, your progress are lovely, Stitching Out Stigma Gallery amazing and I must now found some information on Bargello. xxx

diamondc said...

Nora's Fairy's are so sweet, I hope you are doing all the letters.
Nice little Easter stitch, I am behind on my stitching.
Congratulations on the article in the magazine, that is an honor I am sure.
I love Shepherds Bush anything, I have almost all their patterns and still have not made a dent in the pile.


Astrids dragon said...

Love Nora's Fairies! What a wonderful wall hanging to be displayed at the hospital, how nice that you were a part of it.
Count me in for Easter, it will be here before we know it!

Sarah in Stitches said...

Lovely start to a new fairy! And congrats on being featured as part of that hanging. That's so cool! :D

Stitching Noni said...

Great start on your new fairy - she is going to be another stunner!
Hugs xx

Julie said...

Your square looks fabulous in the article, well done to all.
Nice new fairy, she's pretty.

♥ Nia said...

I just saw your second fairy on a previous post and you already have a third one coming?? :D
Well done on the SOS project! :)