Thursday, 20 August 2015

August Stitch from Stash

Month: August
Spent:   £ 14.57
Earned: £ 0.00

Stitch from Stash is hosted by Mel from Epic Stitching

Essentially the idea behind Stitch from Stash is that we are limited to spending US$25 (or £15) per month. There are various exemptions (Birthday money, existing mag subs, clubs etc) but the idea is not to try and pervert the rules and to stitch some of that stash!  I will be posting on or around the 20th of each month because that is when I get paid!

July Budget
£ 15.00
July spend
£   7.75
August Budget
£ 15.00
SewandSo beads
£   5.17
Across Town threads and beads
£   9.40
Current Balance
£   7.68

I needed the beads for the Brooke's Books charts I am stitching, both the Alphabet and Trixie.  While I was paying postage I thought I'd order a few skeins of DMC too.  I was a little peeved to discover that not all websites use the words "out of stock" to indicate they don't actually have the item you require.  Instead they have the words "£1.30 on order or special order" which to me means they cost the same regardless of how you order, not "we have ordered more of these but don't currently have them".

Oh well, Trixie will just have to wait a little longer for her bling!  I have continued on the bling-free Hallowe'en Cubes by Primitive Hare and have completed the first E:

stitched on 32 count Vintage Grain linen.

Quite alot of stitching in this block, the word SPELLS down the side of the book shows up in real life much better.  

Slow progress on Book of Spells, I don't seem to get much time in the evenings at the moment:

stitched on 40 count Jewel Butterbeer linen

I mentioned last post that I had taken part in an exchange with Mini.  Her parcel arrived earlier this week and what a treat it was!  Here are all the goodies:

And a close-up of the pillow, a really cute Autumn themed design.  Autumn is my favourite season because my Birthday is in September!

Amazingly the Just Nan chart is one of the few smalls that I don't already have, and take look at this beautiful fabric:

It was folded so I could only see the back and at first I thought "a nice piece of cotton for backing ornies, pretty colour."  In her note Mini mentioned a Warli painting and I thought "I didn't see a painting, maybe it was wrapped in the pretty fabric?"  So I opened it out and there it was, painted ON to the fabric!  Warli art is a traditional form of painting from India, I found an interesting website explaining more about it with some lovely pictures here.

Doesn't the little musician in the bottom left look a bit like the Kokopelli I stitched for Anne a while back?  Kokopelli's are Native American and have smaller instruments!

Finally, the Summer Postcard Blog Hop:

First postcard from Cheryl goes to Noni at Fireflies and Cats in the Garden
Second postcard from Vickie goes to Katie at Jeremiah's Mom
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Fourth postcard from Katie goes to Anna at Stitch Bitch
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Sixth card from Narita goes to Kaye at Kitten Stitching
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Eighth card from Kaye goes to Jocondine at Jocondine

There a couple of people who indicated they would like to be part of the Blog Hop but they have not as yet sent a photo to me.  If you'd still like to take part, you have ten days left!  All photos to be with me by 30th August please.


  1. One of the best things about reading a few posts at once is all the gloooooorious stitching I get to see!! You're doing great on you StS! Will you get to splurge big time on the leftover $ at the end of the year?

  2. Great job sticking to your budget! Lovely stitching, as always. That's a great exchange with Mini, too. Enjoy your new goodies! :D

  3. Lovely stitching Jo. Such pretty gifts in your exchange.


  4. As usual, I love all the Halloween stitching!

  5. Beautiful stitching and way to go on SFS!

  6. Great progress, and I love the exchange gift you got :)

  7. Kokopelli would like you to know it's not the size of the instrument, it's what you do with it

  8. The JN is your lovely exchange parcel is wonderful, the other goodies are super too.

  9. I love that orange fabric.

  10. A lovely exchange, Autumn is very charming ")

  11. What a lovely exchange parcel! The painted cloth is especially lovely.

  12. The Book of Spells is coming along nicely! It reminds me of the covers to the Deborah Harkness series. I really want to get that pattern, but I'm afraid it would take me years to finish.

  13. Beautiful exchange, you will have some hours fun with it :)
    Love your little owl and book of spell
    So tiny stitched it looks amazing

  14. I love the two pieces you are stitching on at the moment. And wow, what a great exchange you were in.

    I made the same experience in the past with some online shops. As a consequence I order only from online stores whose websites say exactly if what I am looking for is in stock or not.

    Great that you had a successful SFS month.

  15. Lovely gifts and stitching. Nice farandole on your fabric, you can come and dance too in my new post, Some Pets Be Honored!

  16. Well done on keeping in budget! And some great stitching. Love Book of Spells. I bet you are getting excited for your birthday presies (just need to find willing family members).

  17. Hello, found you through Gracie.
    I love the Stitch from Stash idea and think you're great for staying within budget.
    Lovely stitching and exchange from Mini.
    Glad to have found your blog.

  18. Awesome stitch from stashing!

  19. Great progress. Your exchange gifts are really nice. Love the fabric and thank you for the link to the information. Not a style of fabric I had heard of before.

  20. Your Halloween stitching is looking great. Nice exchange goodies, the fabric is interesting and pretty as well as your Kokopelli;)

  21. Book of spells continues to look amazing and I like the look of the first E with the itty bitty dangling spider.

    Mini's pillow is quite cute with the squirrels! And I'm fond of the fabric too! :D What is the shoe?

  22. Your cube and book of spells are looking approproriately spooky! Love the purple in the owl.

    What a great exchange package! Enjoy your goodies.

  23. Oh yes, loving the fall and all the stitching that goes with it!

  24. Some lovely pieces here. I have been browsing your blog looking at all your Crafty Kitten fabrics. I am looking into getting a piece for a Mirabilia but struggling to decide!! x

  25. I love the colors of your Kokopelli.

  26. Lovely stitching. The Books of Spells is looking great. And what a gorgeous piece of fabric! Lucky you :)

  27. Lovely exchange and some great progress on book of spells


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