Saturday, 9 August 2014

World Cross Stitch Day

Friday 8th August was designated the first World Cross Stitch Day on Facebook.  Now if you play the time zones right you actually get 48 hours of stitching in, starting at midnight New Zealand time and finishing midnight Pacific Ocean time.

Over those 48 hours I stitched on two different designs plus my usual bath-time stitching on Noel Blanc.  For new followers, that is my son's bath time not mine.  I don't think I'd dare stitch in the bath myself!

The first project is from an old issue of Cross Stitcher magazine (the UK one).  They had a monthly series of letters by Emily Peacock just for subscribers.  This one is nearly finished:

I received a lovely parcel from Crafty Kitten fabrics with all my layaway order.  I'd asked for the JCS CD of 1991-2000, the new Hallowe'en ornie issue, the latest 16 DMC to complete my collection and a piece of fabric for the Frosted Pumpkin Hallowe'en Mystery SAL than Sharon Shebafudge signed me up for.

I decided upon Moondust in 28 count Jazlyn.  I am not sure why I ordered the 28 count instead of 32 Murano?  Who knows?!

Anyway, I'm making good progress on this using the DMC conversion provided.  The tree is finished, now onto the cute little owl.  I might have to backstitch the moon and clouds if they don't show up enough.

The JCS Hallowe'en ornie issue is as good as ever, I might do a little review later this week for those who haven't got it yet.  The CD is hysterical though!  I'm upto 1993 so far.  What was going on in the US in the early 90s?  Did the hairspray affect your brains? LOL.  To be fair I don't think we looked any better in the UK fashionwise but our stitching magazines were years ahead!  And we most definitely did not wear cross stitched sweaters, what was that all about?

The shining exception is Teresa Wentzler.  There are full page adverts for her designs which look stunning even now.  They must have blown people away when they first appeared.  I really love American designers now, you have so many talented people publishing beautiful designs while we seem to be stuck in the "cute and cuddly" rut.  I am going to find it interesting as I progress through the 1990s to see these people emerge.

Finally, the Summer Postcard Blog Hop is continuing with a new photo being sent out each Friday.  Here is the list so far:

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Linda said...

Love the C Jo. Are you doing the whold alphabet on one piece of fabric? Cute Halloween start.


Susan said...

Great starts! Another perfect fabric. I never had a cross stitched sweater nor hair like that, but my mother does do cross stitch on sweatshirts. She gives them as gifts, but more often does them as commission pieces.

Michelle said...

Lovely start - I must have missed it was World Cross Stitch Day - how did that happen! Thanks for organising the blog hop I shared the lovely postcard Vickie sent me on my blog and it was much admired xx

cucki said...

Sweet stitches xx

diamondc said...

Love your starts the Summer Florals looks like a beautiful book of patterns.


Minnie said...

Your stitching is great. Thank you for helping to spread the word about WCSD, I have a button that can be added to your blog if you like. I may have to get that JCS CD sounds like fun.

Julie said...

The cd sounds fun to view, not sure I would like a cross stitched sweater...