Friday, 18 July 2014

The End of Term Approaches...

Only two more days of one school and three more for the other.  The Small Boy did his last day of term at his mainstream school today so I had to remember the wine for the teacher and his one-to-one TA and chocolates for them to share with the other two TAs (and a random work experience girl!).    No-one gets a cross-stitched gift this year because he will be continuing in the same class next year.  There will be wine and chocolates for his other school next week, he is going up a class there next year but I didn't realise in time to stitch something so it will have to be done over the summer for the first week back!

The Large Boy has had a brilliant teacher this year, she has really made their final year in Primary lots of fun as well as working them hard.  The league tables and SATs results are making headlines in the UK this week and our school is celebrating with a big improvement since last year.  In fact we believe we came top out of all the Primaries in our area, not bad for a school which got a "requires improvement" at its last Ofsted inspection.  Hah, what do they know?

Anyway, a brilliant teacher deserves a brilliant gift and hopefully this is it:

Teresa Wenzler Futurecaster conversion

I wanted a dragon and I wanted books, maybe a little dragon sitting on a pile of books?  So I googled around and found this conversion on Deviant Art.  She took the standard Futurecaster chart and changed the crystal ball to a book!  Perfect.

Teresa Wentzler designed this dragon to be easily converted into any colour scheme you like.  There is an ornate border and she recommends choosing a variegated thread for it then matching the colours for the dragon.  I left the border off and chose a scheme based on one in the Gallery.  Here are my colours:

A - 3817
B - 3816
C - 3815
D - 501
BS - 3818
1 - 745
2 - 743
BS - an orange, didn't note number!
+  927
BS - 924
Book - 919
Pages - white
Gold - 5282
Green Metallic - E703
Beads - 10023 green
02011 gold 

Finally, the Summer Postcard Blog Hop is now taking place, for more details of how to join in click on the garden picture to the right.  Here are the links for the four cards sent so far, why not pop over and leave a comment?

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  1. WOW! What an incredible dragon!! I love it - perfect for a teacher.

  2. Oh this dragon is so awesome! XOX

  3. Oh yes! That will be perfect! Have an excellent, fun filled summer with the kids. :)

  4. Good for the boys and that dragon is wonderful...

  5. Gorgeous dragon! It looks so cute.

  6. Congrats on the fantastic finish Jo.


  7. Aww sweet dragon
    I love him xx

  8. Hello

    The dragon is really lovely, a great present for a teacher!
    Hope your sons enjoy their summer holidays, I remember the excitement of being off for a full 6 weeks!
    Wishing you a good weekend.

  9. Ofsted walk into schools with an agenda already in place. Enough said.
    Your reading dragon is fabulous!

  10. Your dragon is really gorgeous ; but what could he read ? May be a book of cooking recipes with wood fire ? Bravo xxx

  11. What a brilliant variation on the dragon! I'm sure the teacher will love it. Would be perfect for a librarian too. Well done!

  12. What an amazing finish! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern variation :) The original has been on my TBS (To Be Stitched) list for YEARS. But I love books, and dragons, and books about dragons, so this is just perfect ;) Thanks also for sharing your colourway, I'm definitely saving it for future reference - he looks awesome!

  13. Great job. I am sure he will be loved and appreciated.

  14. Great finish! He looks awesome :)

  15. Well done to the school on their great results.
    Your dragon is going to be loved by teacher.

  16. Fabulous piece! I've always said I was going to stitch that, but now I'm really inspired. Thanks for the link to the deviant art version with the book. Brilliant idea!

  17. Love the dragon -- perfect for a teacher.

  18. That dragon is fantastic!! Enjoy the Summer vacation! Although, maybe it is less of a vacation since the boys are now at home constantly!!

  19. Wow, what a great finish this is. This dragon is looking wonderful. And congratulations to your son's Primary School to have such great results this year.


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