Sunday, 25 May 2014

There's a Rat in ma Stitchin', What am I Gonna Do?

There's a title for the UB40 fans!

And the rat features in block 17 of The Spooky Countdown by Primitive Hare:

I am stitching-a-long with Giovanna on the one, she started in the middle and worked upwards.  Here's her latest progress - Giovanna's Stitches

I am working each block individually and the plan is to mount them on tombstone templates to fix to my Advent Calendar Tree as a countdown to Hallowe'en this year.  When Isabella of Primitive Hare saw me mention this on FB she kindly sent me a link to some free downloadable templates.  How cool is that?

The other piece I have been working on is the Band Sampler Round Robin for Karen:

I have this row to finish, a couple more to add and then the beading.  Karen chose Spring and Summer as the subjects for her first two round robins with us in 2011 and 2012 so this one is Autumn.

Here are the previous two:

Spring 2011

Summer 2012

Finally, I will be running the Summer Postcard Blog Hop again this year.  The theme will be Gardens.  Click on the picture of the stitching in the garden on the right for more details.  This Blog Hop lasts for the whole of the Summer so it doesn't matter if you are away on holiday for a week or two, you won't miss it!


  1. Great progress Jo. Those band samplers are lovely.


  2. Lovely progress...and I love UB40!

  3. Oh WOW! The band samplers are beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous stitching!

  5. Love the rat :-) I still have to do this week's block, 'cause I got sidetracked by the BBD sampler SAL. But I'll get there, tomorrow or the day after. The RR samplers are so pretty.

  6. UB40.. yes I remember them and that song :) Your rat is lovely!
    And all of your stitching is wonderful too :)
    Smiles :)

  7. Summer 2012 is stunning!

  8. Beautiful - I adore Spring 2011. Stunning xx

  9. Wow so beautiful ..
    I love rats :)

  10. I shall be singing that all day now!
    He is a very handsome rat.
    Love the band samplers too

  11. LOL....the tune won't get out of my mind now!!!
    Love your rat ....a very handsome rat he is!

  12. Those band samplers are lovely, I think my favorite is Summer those colors are so rich!

  13. Stunning band samplers so much work by very talented ladies. Spooky countdown is coming along well too

  14. Oh my goodness! Beautiful!

  15. So not the earworm I needed but I'll go with it! Great progress on everything and it is cool that you were sent a template for finishing. A very nice rat, but I see them occasionally in our building so I definitely prefer the band samplers.

  16. Rat in the kitchen, Unlike here...when there was a rat in the carport brought in by next doors cat, what did I do? shout Dh and he'll put it in the bin for you lol.
    Lovely RR.

  17. Love the RR samplers and all the color variety! :)

  18. Those band sampler RR's are just stunning!

  19. Lovely little rodent. Autumn is off to a great start and if Spring and Summer are anything to go by then it's going to be absolutely stunning!

    Alicia xo

  20. oooh the rat makes me think of the Black Death which is one of the chapters I have been working on recently for my newest history textbook! But the band samplers which are so lovely make me think of Wordsworth and Keats - much nicer!
    hugs, kaye


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