Sunday, 4 May 2014

Sign up for the Summer Postcard Blog Hop

Happy Star Wars Day, May the Fourth be with you!

Diorama by The Large Boy

And since it is May it seems like the perfect time to launch the Summer Blog Hop.  I started this one in 2012 when the theme was a Holiday Postcard, see this post for the list of participants and links to their posts.

The next year I decided we'd have a Staycation and asked people for pictures on the theme of Home:

After Home the logical progression would seem to be Gardens.  So the theme for this year's Blog Hop will be Gardens.  All you have to do is send me a photo of a stitched picture on the theme Garden and a little message about why your garden is important to you, or what you love about your garden, or why you don't have one but what you would like in your ideal garden.  As usual, the joining-in is the important thing, you're not being judged on the quality of your essay LOL.

Once I have a few photos I will start sending them off to the other participants to post on their blogs.  If you think you'd like to take part please leave a comment here.  You can send your photo in anytime between now and the end of August.

edit - if you want to send a photo of your actual garden too, please do.  But not compulsory, the stitched picture is the essential bit!

I do enjoy stitching for other people but the onlydrawback is that you can't show progress photos until after the person has received their gift.  So really the only thing I have to show this post is my continuing progress on Spooky Countdown:

I followed Giovanna's lead on block 14 and used the lighter 3072 for the ghost rather than the charted 645.  Next week I will be half-way through the blocks and right on target too.

Finally, I thought I'd share the collage I made of the seven Snowflower Diaries' witches we all stitched over on the Hallowe'en Ornie SAL Blog, pop over there to find out who stitched which witch!


  1. Some how I am missing your posts..not sure what is going on really? But I have 'found' you again so all is well!!
    Loving all the witches ... I am so going to have to join in with that fun!
    Lovely stitching :)
    Smiles for a happy bank holiday weekend :)

  2. May the Fourth be with you all too!;)
    Count me in for the Summer Postcard Blog Hop.

  3. May the Fourth be with you too! :)

    Would love to join in the summer hop too. Will look for my favorite garden stitched pic!

  4. I would love to join in with your postcard bloghop but I think with my memory the way it is I would forget either to post or to send. I'm looking forwards to seeing everyones posts though!

  5. I love the diorama !
    So funny witches, too.
    Waouh a new blog hop, great, I'll be happy to join you. =)

  6. Hi Jo, please count me in for the blog hop! I know which witch is mine! lol!

  7. Hi Jo, would love to join in on your summer postcard blog hop...what inspiration to do some extra stitching (like I needed another reason) =) Great lego dirorama and cute stitched ornies!

  8. Great lego diorama!
    Please put me down for the blog hop

  9. Lovely stitching Jo! Have a great week!

  10. Yes yes yes...please add me to the Garden Blog Hop....

  11. Love the Legos! Those witches are all adorable, can't pick a favourite.

    Please count me in on the Hop, I love gardens!

  12. Love the witches! They're on my list .....why does that list kep growing? :)

  13. Fantastic love the witches - please count me in for the Blog Hop my friend xx

  14. Cute collection of witches.

  15. Awesome diorama!! Yub yub!!

    Please sign me up for the blog hop!!

    And I think what this comment needs is more exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Oh wow love the Star Wars diorama, clever large boy. The ghost on spooky countdown looks great too with the lighter colour. How cool are all the witches, it's great to see her finished in a variety of ways. Great post Jo!
    xo Alicia

  17. Count me in on the garden hop. Sounds like fun. This will be my first 😊.

  18. If its not too late, I'd be keen on signing up for the Summer Blog Hop garden theme as well :)

  19. I would like to join the summer postcard, were do I send my garden pic ect?

  20. Better late than never--may I join the Garden Postcard Blog Hop?? :)


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