Friday, 27 December 2013

Merry Bit Between Christmas and New Year

I read somewhere that it is called the Perineum (like the body part) but I didn't want to put that in a post title!  Neither do I want to Google it to check!

We are having a lovely Christmas holiday, I worked full time in the run-up to Christmas and barely had time to update the Advent Calendar each day and remember to leave a comment on each one.  The calendar is finished so now is a good time to pop over and catch up on any you might have missed.  I really loved reading all about your food traditions and imagining the smells and tastes of the recipes.  But the one that really made me LOL was Justine's on Saturday 14th.  Go check it out if you can't remember it!

I thought I'd share some stitching progress and some stitching stash too.  After I completed The Little Stitcher Fairytale Advent Calendar I continued with another of her designs from the Winter Wood trio.  I stitched this one which is called Winter Wood and Deer (for obvious reasons!)

I used an old Christmas card to mount it, simply cutting a triangular shape in the card and using double-sided tape to fix the fabric to the reverse.  The design is stitched over 1 on 32 count Vintage Grain linen, the same as the rest of the Advent Calendar.

Here is the final picture of my Advent Tree with all the designs on it:

After finishing the tiny designs I felt like something a little larger, so I stuck to 32 count but I'm stitching over 2 this time:

This is a design called Noel Blanc by Mon Ami Pierre.  I won it in a giveaway by Kathy Ellen of A Stitcher's Heirlooms quite some time ago!  Here's the blog post where I talked about winning the chart (and some others too).  Lovely-post-of-loveliness-from-lovely-people.  The fabric is a Belfast called Millenium Blue and is not so grey in real life.  Here is what it will look like one day:

For Christmas I asked for framing vouchers as I have a couple of pieces I really want to get professionally framed this year, including my Joan Elliott Flower Fairies Round Robin.  I also received this pair of books:

They are a Perpetual Diary which I intend to use as a Birthday Book and the Ackworth School Memory Book.  These are/were available from Needleprint who recently posted they were down to their last few copies.  This was just the push I needed to buy them!  You can click on that link for more information and a sneak peak inside!

Still on the theme of Antique Samplers, Nicola sent me a lovely Scarlet Letter chart, Janet Carsels, along with the silks needed to stitch her:

I also won a chart in the Scarlet Letter Year Advent Giveaway, Elisabeth Burrows.  This is a nice small sampler which I truly believe I could finish before the official end of the Scarlet Letter Challenge in February.  Although the Challenge is ending on the anniversary of Nicola's 50th Birthday, the Blogs will go on!  So if you love your reproduction samplers, don't feel you will miss out.  You can still join in with a Scarlet Letter sampler or just admire the WIPs and Finishes.

Finally, here are two gratuitous pictures of my tree, simply because I did not have time to post one before Christmas-
Before switching on:

After switching on:


  1. That's a lovely AMAP chart you've just started, and very pretty finishes. Congrats on the wins! Enjoy having some quiet time.

  2. Oh my your Advent Tree looks stunning and I adore your books - congratulations on your wins xx

  3. Everything is so lovely, Jo. I especially like your
    Advent Tree and it's beautiful ornaments.
    Happy New Year1

  4. Your books were a great gift to receive. Beautiful Christmas tree and the advent tree is really great.
    A nice ornament you've whooped even with working full time.
    I know what the perineum is, I have a stitched one! Lol

  5. Winter Wood is so very sweet! Yay for you! You have plenty to do now, don't you?!

  6. Oh no! :( I'd love to get both diaries but must wait til the 15th when I get paid. ~_~
    Ah well, if they sell out I can enjoy them vicariously through you!

  7. I kept meaning to say that I saw the trees in Wilkinson's last week and couldn't believe how small they were. Your stitching must be tiny! I love the sampler Nicola sent you, very pretty.

    Your tree looks to have some similar decs to ours. Does the little glass snowman have someone's name on? And the fireplace at the bottom has each person's name on the stocking.

  8. Beautiful Advent Tree...stunning display! And your Christmas tree is lovely lights on or off :)
    What a thoughtful gift from Nicola!

  9. Merry Xmas, Jo, thanks for the Needleprint link - 3 clicks and both books are now mine - so easy it is frightening, really!
    Love your finish and a good use of old Chrissie cards.

    hugs, Kaye

  10. So cute! Hope you had a great Christmas!

  11. Happy Christmas to you. May 2014 bring lots of fun and lots of stitching finishes!

  12. That little winter trio is adorable and I love the snowflakes you're working on!

    Hope you had a Merry Xmas!

  13. Lovely stitching my friend, & your tree looks great!

  14. The White Christmas design is stunning, looking forward to seeing your progress on that

  15. The advent calendar was a lot of fun, so nice to see all the Christmas stitching and read about the different Christmas food.

    I love the project you started, Looks great on the fabric you chose for it. I have the chart as well but haven't started on it yet.

  16. Beautiful triangle finish with the Woodland dears! Using an old Christmas card...hmm...good idea!! Love the Mon Amie chart stitched on that dark gray. It'll really pop the white!! Beautiful chart Nicola gifted you too. I'm not sure if I could get another sampler finished by February but I am glad the blog will go on!!


  17. Everything is so beautiful. Happy New Year wishes coming your way,

  18. Love your completed Advent Calendar Tree, tres magnifique!!

    I hope you had a fun, yummy and fantastic Christmas. I didn't think I would ever be hungry again after the last week. But getting peckish right now!!! LOL.

    Have a fabulous New Year Jo!
    xxoxx Alicia

  19. Hello!
    Noel Blanc is gorgeous!! Nice start!!
    How nice books!!
    The antique sampler is amazing!

    Your Chistmas tree is so beautiful!!

    Happy Holidays!!
    Happy New Year!!


  20. Oooh, my books arrived from Needleprint! How quick was that?

  21. Yep, Jo, here is the evidence - you are definitely an enabler and I have absolutely no will power at all! lol!


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