Saturday, 30 November 2013

Theme-a-licious Looking Backward and Forward XI

Theme-a-licious is hosted by Heather of It's Geek to Me

Each month Heather thinks up a theme for us to stitch to, or in my case, a theme to somehow shoe-horn my existing stitching into, no matter how tenuous the link!

This was the theme for November:

No-Xs November

What can you make without making an X?? Blackwork, hardanger, embroidery, needlelace, and the list goes on! Don't can even backstitch for the month!

Not a very successful month for sticking to the theme I'm afraid!  I did finish the Mirabilia for the Round Robin.  She has lots of beads and some backstitch so that's OK.  I mailed her off to Rachel who now has possession of the piece so I'm happy to show it on here.

This is the piece I stitched; Titania, Queen of the Fairies

and a side angle to show the beads and fabric sparkle: 

And the whole thing, Rachel has not quite finished the beading and the Kreinik on her piece or added her name:

From left to right we have January Garnet Fairy, Adia, Fairy Idyll (Lenna's colour conversion) and Titania.

Heather and I did have a little discussion about how small an X had to be before it became eligible for No X October!  So here are some small Xs:

This is the JBW Alphabet Kitty for November, stitched on 28 count black over 1.  The theme is 5th November Fireworks Night so there are lots of splashes of bright colours and some stars in the air.  I couldn't find a firework charm or any fabric so I'm going to stitch some ray stitches on another piece of black and use that as the backing.

Next month's theme is:

Detritus December
It's the end of the year...are there some projects you thought you'd have done by now? Let's take a walk down memory lane and start the new year with a clean plate.

This is quite a good one for me as I have two giveaway prizes to stitch and a Hobbit Challenge piece to finish too.  As well as finishing off two of my year-long challenges; the JBW Kitties and the 12 Dragonlets of Christmas.

Finally, the Advent Calendar post is all set up to run from midnight tonight, Vickie is our first poster so I'm looking forward to seeing what she shares with us all.  I bet there's a poodle somewhere in the post!  I just love Henry and Mabel.  I have my supplies for MY advent calendar all ready to make it up tomorrow:

Aren't craft goodies fun?


Vickie said...

hahahaha! BLUSHING over here! Well, I am glad you enjoy Henry and Mabel, 'cause yep, there might be a poodle or two involved in tomorrow's post! HA! See ya then. ;)

Zeb said...

I'm so tempted to join Theme-A-Licious if it does go ahead for 2014, but I need to first see how it works in with the other things I've committed to.

Also can I ask what the stitch size of this Mira RR is? I've signed up for one next year and have the choice of 50x50 or 70x100. Am thinking the 50 might be too small.

CalamityJr said...

Fifth November is very pretty. I would never have guessed that, when you challenged us to do so. Nothing that I knew up before now! The round robin is gorgeous. You all did a wonderful job on it.

Linda said...

That ornament is adorable Jo. I just love the colors. AND, over 1 on black. WOW


Anonymous said...

Just love the Mira RR piece, it's a real stunner!

Christine said...

Great work on the RR. I love the firework kitty.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful RR !

Lili said...

The Alphabet Kitty is so pretty!
Titania piece is gorgeous, love the beads around.
Lovely supplies!

Dani - tkdchick said...

LoL you're really stretching it for no x's!

Love all the cats you've done.

Julie said...

The November kitty is adorable, it's been wonderful to watch these each month. Titania looks stunning, a fabulous RR.

Giovanna said...

Just caught up with your latest posts - some wonderful stitching in there! The Mirabilia RR is just stunning, and I'm really enjoying how the Advent Calendar is coming along. Well done!

The Crafty Princess said...

ooooOOOOOHHHHH pretty sparklies!!!
They look amazing. Well done you.
Alicia xo

♥ Nia said...

beautiful, beautiful work!! :D
Love all the fairies together =) So pretty!!

geeky Heather said... Independence Day I can look for some fireworks-themed fabric...or would anything from the Colonies celebrating July 4th spontaneously combust when it hit British soil???? I love the sparkly stars!