Sunday, 8 September 2013

Final Summer Fling and Autumn Progress

The Summer Postcard Blog Hop was a great success and I included the full list of participants in the previous post to this one.  A few kind people sent me two pictures to choose from so I thought I'd so a Final Fling and show them here.    Click on each photo for a link to the sender's blog.

First is Christine's Welcome Home Banner:

I love the variegated blues and whites in this piece.

Next up is Debbie's Cottage, she says Hi, Stitcher!  I wish my home was surrounded by beautiful flowers like this, but since I don't have a green thumb, I can stitch French knots instead!

 And thirdly, and finally until next year, we have Joyce's Beacon of Hope by Thomas Kinkade:

Which cottage would you prefer, the country cottage with all the flowers or the lighthouse cottage by the sea?

I have two finishes this week but can't show either as they are both for other people.  But I can show my Autumnal progress:

This is a Just Nan design which I'm stitching using DMC alternatives to the charted GAST.  I'm trying to get all the letters in place first although I have stitched some of the leaves and acorns for placement.

Finally, I'd like to share a lovely blog.  As well as following my fellow bloggers I also follow a few "professional" blogs including the Plum Street Samplers blog.  Paulette had just made a great post with some amazing photos taken during her recent trip to the St. Charles Market.  I love the idea of taking over a hotel with all our favourite designers, with each one having a room to "set" with their beautiful works of art.  How many times have we heard "This looks so much better in real life"?  The market is the perfect time to see the pieces in person.


  1. Hi Jo! I would definitely be the country cottage and flowers type. =)
    I too admire Paulette's blog.

  2. Lovely stitcheries. I quite like your autumn one.

  3. Hi Jo

    Lovely stitching for the blog hop.
    Your Autumn wip looks great (:

  4. Great progress Jo. I really like that design. I would pick the cottage with the flowers.


  5. Lovely Autumn stitching.:)
    I would prefer the lighthouse cottage.

  6. oooo would like to be able to live in both ... lol but then I am awkward ... well done on the stitching front and love the idea of the market too ... they look soooo tempting each room :) love mouse xxxxx

  7. Lovely stitchings Jo! I agree ... what fun it would be to visit a hotel taken over by all our favorite designers : )

  8. Beautiful stitching! So sorry I fell behind in following the Hop. Your Autumn looks appropriately Autumnal, LOL, great job with the colour substitutions :) Both cottages are lovely, but I think I'd take the one with the flowers. Lighthouses are necessary and pretty in pictures but hard to live next to ;)

  9. I'd go for the country cottage (it could still be near the sea right?). I'd have to disagree with Debbie though, growing real flowers is way easier than French Knots ;)
    Thanks for organising the blog hop

  10. Hi, i'm italian and i like your blog. Have you a nice day.

  11. The blog hops been great, love the country cottage, easier to grow plants than stitch a good French know, I use a bead instead a lot of the time!

  12. Love your Autumn project, the colours are lovely!

  13. I'm in love with the Welcome Home Sampler :O

    And yours is the first wip I've seen of Nan's Autumn Letters, lovely :)

  14. I would love to have a lighthouse cottage by the sea. :) Love your Autumn piece! And I agree, it would be lovely to have a hotel filled with all of our favorite designers!


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