Saturday, 27 July 2013

Hearts Stitching

I've been stitching away on my little Hearts sampler this week, daytime and evening as I want to get it finished in good time to be framed and wrapped.

Here's my progress on the Scarlet Letter sampler including a ruler to show just how big the piece is:

I've actually completed the pink row and started the blue outline of the row above now.

Apart from that I've been adding a new page to my Happy Dance Blog (see top tab) for all my scrapbooked finishes to have them all in one place.  I've been ebaying some old magazines to raise a little stash-cash, tidying the accumulated piles of school detritus, making a FB page for hubby's business, going to work and listening to whatever video clip the Small Boy has settled on for the day.  The Direct Line advert is a great favourite today as is Peppa Pig in foreign.  At least it's better than the rude over dubbed version he found last week.  Good job he can't speak and repeat the Geordie swearwords!

Finally, I sent out another postcard in the Summer Postcard Blog Hop so watch out for that popping up soon.  edit to add - see this post Aimetu's Stitching


  1. The stitching is looking very pretty....

  2. I wonder how many of your American readers have any idea what a Geordie is. The dude being from Durham, I do, though he is not. (Just googled it to see what comes up, and I CANNOT believe I don't get to watch Geordie Shore. That is a reality show I'd watch at least once.)

  3. WOW Jo!!I have that SL in my stash and had no idea how big it was!! Guess that one will remain in the 'to do' pile for a while longer since I have so many other BAPs already started! LOL
    It sure is a beauty though!! Laura

  4. oooo well done with the stitching and wow that piece is going to be big :)
    they look like sheepies or is that my imagination doing over time love mouse xxxxxx

  5. Great progress on both pieces Jo. They are really pretty.


  6. Hello, I enjoy cross stitching as well and came across your blog today. I look forward to seeing you progress on your sampler.

  7. Great progress on both samplers, they'er looking lovely

  8. The hearts are looking lovely.
    If you need any help translating the Geordie curses this Durham girl is always here to help ;D

  9. Great progress on the little hearts stitching :)

  10. Love the hearts! Great progress on the SL piece in spite of how busy you have been.

  11. The hearts are super and the scarlet letter is coming on a treat, still not as wide as my Shores though!


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