Sunday, 23 June 2013

June WIPocalypse

WIPocalypse is hosted by Measi of Measi's Musings.

The main focus of my WIPocalypse this year will be my "13 in '13" a list of 13 projects I want to complete in 2013, click on top tab for the list.

The only one of the 13 I stitched this month was this design Hear the Sea Call from Stitcher's Hideaway:

The chart was a prize from Riona of Oubliette, the fabric is Summer Sky by Crafty Kitten and the hand-dyed thread is from Jodyri Designs, a new company I found through FB.  They have a monthly thread subscription.  You can pay for either 5 or 10 skeins a months and after 120 skeins you will own the whole collection.  Unless she keeps dyeing more colours in which case it's a lifetime subscription!

I would have finished it but I ordered some little mother-of-pearl fishes from an Ebay shop and they took a week to get here.  I am too used to SewandSo's next day delivery!

I could have finished it yesterday but instead I made a wedding dress and a top hat and tails for a very lucky couple.  Here they are:

My cousin is getting married in August and she posted a photo on FB recently of a chocolate Gruffalo and said how much she loved him.  The toys are sold in our bookshop so I bought them and made up the little outfits on Saturday after I discovered the girls would be popping in today to see us.  The bride's outfit is made from curtain fabric samples and the groom's is some nice black felt.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Gruffalo, he is a character from a children's book by Julia Donaldson and extremely popular with young children (and soon-to-be wed women too).  Here is the Gruffalo website.
For those of you who are familiar with the Gruffalo please ignore the fact that the Bride is actually The Gruffalo's Child.  There is no mention of a Mrs Gruffalo in the books, maybe she was eaten by the Big Bad Mouse?  No-one knows but Mr. Gruffalo does his best as a Lone Parent to bring up his little girl with a healthy respect for the danger of the Deep Dark Woods, which of course she ignores as in all the best stories.

Finally, don't forget the Summer Blog Hop on the theme of "There's No Place Like Home".  Just click on the picture on the top right of the blog for more details of how to join in.


  1. Hi Jo! Nice colors in the stitching.
    What a sweet gift for your cousin. ;)
    Did you get my Summer Blog Hop picture?

  2. Love the outfits Jo. You did a great job.


  3. Hello Jo

    Your wips are looking great.
    Love the Gruffalo's clothes, they are brilliant!
    Have a good week (:

  4. I love the gruffalo: the clothes are fantastic..very clever.

  5. love the colours for your stitching and way to go on the wedding outfits .... wasn't me I am a small !!!!good mouse hahahhah .... love mouse xxxx

  6. And you said you couldn't sew!
    Love the Gruffalo Bride and Groom

  7. Love the verse on your stitched piece. You did a beautiful job on the outfits for the bride and groom. :)

  8. Darling sampler and the mother of pearl fishes are going to look great.
    Love your whole idea for the wedding gifts:) You did great on making both the Gruffalo's wedding attire.
    love Annette

  9. Love the Gruffalo's in wedding attire :) and the sampler is very sweet

  10. The Gruffalos are just so cute!

  11. Haha, what a great wedding couple you made. You just have to love them.

  12. Your stitching is so pretty! What a great combination of floss and fabric. The wedding couple is adorable!

  13. Wowza....clever girl, such a special and unique giftie,they'll love them.

  14. Your Gruffalo couple is a riot! What a clever idea. Your cousin is going to completely freak out with joy when she gets these!

  15. They make a lovely couple ;)

  16. Oh i love how you have dressed your Gruffalo's!! They look amazing. And your stitch is looking very nice, lovely fabric.

  17. So sweet to personlize a wedding girft like this! And I guess Mr Grufallo's kid just has the exact looks of his wife- this explains everything! :D


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