Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Gospel according to Saint Joyce

That's Saint Joyce of Grenfell!  See this post for more details - Epiphany  Here's my tribute to the great playwright:

"And Lo Three Wise Men came from the East and did Play with the Straw on the Stage and Yea Verily did the Angels take off their Halos and Poke each other with their Wands and the Humble Beasts did Suck upon their Dummies and eat Chocolate Buttons for they were the Youngest Children.  And then the Innkeeper spake thus "Hello Daddy!" and there came a Great Weeping (from the Mothers) and a Great Light (from the cameras flashing) and a Strong Sense of Paternal Pride (from the Fathers) and Yea even so the Preschool Nativity Play was declared a Success and Lo the Fattened Table of Assorted Random Prizes was Raffled to Raise Funds for new Playdough"

So that's what I've been doing today!  Oh yes and I did manage to say "the next song is 'While Shepherds Washed their Flocks'" instead of 'Watched' but at least I didn't say 'Socks'!

I'm taking part in the Large Mirabilia Round Robin next year.  It's a Large one because we're stitching 50 x 100 blocks rather than the usual 50 x 50 blocks.  I've chosen the Calendar Fairies as my theme.  I'm stitching September and the others are stitching June, July and August.  It was lovely of Nora Corbett to release August just in time for me to include her in my plans!

The centrepiece is a freebie from Papillon and the twirly corner borders are from another freebie. The fabric is from Crafty Kitten.

As a treat for finally finishing those boring straight lines I started my Scarlet Letter English Transitional Sampler last night.  Here is one evening's progress:

I always start in the middle of a project and this is no exception.  There will be three of these motifs next to each other filled in with a variety of cross stitch, satin stitch and stem stitch.   The instructions recommend doing all the outlines first then the filling in from the top downwards.  This makes sense as you get your placement and spacing right plus there's less risk of catching the loops in the satin stitch later on.

To follow my progress and that of the 130plus other stitchers celebrating Nicola's Birthday then pop over to the Scarlet Letter Year blog.  If you like reproduction samplers I can guarantee you'll be drooling all over your keyboard!

Finally the doors are opening daily on the Advent Calendar.  Because I update the original page daily it doesn't appear in your Reader each day so remember to come over and look up the newest blogger to post each day.


Nicola said...

I remember singing the alternative version in school many moons ago. LOL !!

Mouse said...

awwwww .... I've done the washed socks bit too love the round robin start can't wait to see that one finished :)
and the new start a wee bit further on too
happy stitching :) love mouse xxxxx

Christine said...

Great start on both the RR and the Scarlet Letter piece.
Love Joyce Grenfell... George, don't do that.

Giovanna said...

Nice new starts!

Silverlotus said...

I love you little piece about the play! lol! We go to the little man's Christmas concert tomorrow, and I'm sure it will be just like that!

Minnie said...

Isn't that how all children's plays go? I love the Advent calendar great job to everyone so far. The start for your RR is lovely.

rosey175 said...

LOL - "suck upon their dummies" LOOOOOOOOL. o my.

I love the centerpiece and little twirly borders for your RR! How fun this will look once done up. :D

I always start in the middle of a project as well. Otherwise there is a (huge, ginormous, awful) chance I will miscount the size and wind up with some off-centered, non-fitting-on-fabric piece of heartbreak. Nope, none of that please! :D

Julie said...

Going to be a fab RR, irate stitching boring borders!
Haven't been to a school nativity for a few years, always had me in floods of tears, not good when you are supposed to show an example when sitting on front row in a reserved seat are are the chair of governors lol.