Sunday, 11 November 2012

Some Frightful Stitching

Not really bad stitching but a finish for my Just Nan Hallowe'en design called Frightful.  Here it is unframed:

And here it is in the frame I chose to match the Primitive Needle By the Light of the Moon design I stitched last year:

The frame is just a cheap raw wood box frame 6inch square.  I colour in the wood using an ordinary black marker pen and voila, a perfect spooky frame for less than a fiver!  Because it's a box frame the glass doesn't squash the cute little ghostie charm either.

Stitched on 28count lilac Britney evenweave using the recommended DMC.  I used Sullivans black as I had a free sample.  I will not be using this thread again!  To get dense coverage I used three techniques for the black:

in the straight line borders I stitched using 2 strands then did one long straight stitch underneath the crosses,
for the motifs I used three strands,
for the spiders and the ghosts' faces I used smyrna crosses as charted.

The ghostie charm and the lovely variegated thread for the leviathon stitches were both included with the chart.  I think my favourite square is the top right with the stripy pumpkin and the bat.

I'm still stitching Hallowe'en right now as I have a giveaway prize to make and the Large Boy wants three more of the kitties to fill the frame I bought for them.  He's chosen witchie kittie, Franken-kittie and pumpkin kittie (for this year).  I'll stitch some more for next year!  I want the Bride of Frankenstein for me.

A mention for two blogs I'm involved with, the first is my own Happy Dance blog for my finished projects found here.  The second is the SAL Directory, this was set up by Blu and I help post new SALs on it.  We'd like more followers and more SALs.  They must be the part work type SALs that designers offer for free or a minimal charge rather than when a group of people say "Hey let's all stitch the same chart at the same time".

Here's the latest SAL I'm adding today, the wonderfully named Mabel Figworthy.  It's a hardanger SAL with a nominal fee of £3.00 so if you fancy something different why not sign up?  If you hear of any more SALs starting soon then please let me know and I'll add them to the blog.

Finally don't forget my 300 Followers Giveaway (yes, I'm giving away 300 followers LOL) and also my Advent Calendar Blog Hop sign up is open.  Drop me an email if you want to join in.


  1. Fantastic Halloween picture which looks fabulous in that frame.

  2. Very nice. I really like this design and I think this frame suits it very well. kinda rustic and halloweenie

  3. Truly *frightful*, lol and the frame is a great choice!

    I have this vision of 300 large parcels and you struggling to the Post Office, hope nobody wriggles!!

    Please don't give up on me - I am still talking English, honest - in fact had a problem getting a glass of water in a restaurant on Friday!

  4. Congrats on the finish and framing Jo. You did a great job.


  5. Lovely finish the frame really finishes it off nicely.

  6. Great finish on your Halloween work, well done!

  7. Congrats on finishing the lovely Frightful, and well done on the frame too - it's just perfect.

  8. Oy! You remind me of that old commercial Jo, but paraphrased a bit. "Bet ya can't stitch just one!" Great projects!

  9. Perfect frame for a super finish.

  10. What will the advent Calendar hop involve, I would love to participate.

  11. Love your framed piece, might just have to look into that one.

    Your SAL directory looks like fun, but I never seem to be able to stick with it - always something going on!


  12. Looks fabulous, the frame works so well. Thank you for my birthday card, its so pretty!

  13. I really like this! What a fun design for Halloween!

  14. Oh, it turned out wonderfully!! I think I love the candy corn border around the whole thing the most! And maybe the little ghosty charm! And possibly the goofy corner ghosts ahaha!

    Also please don't give us away, nooooooo~ ;D

  15. Loved how it turned out, Jo and less than $5 for the frame? You, my friend, is a genius! :D

  16. I meant to say you "are"... not you "is." DUH!! LOL!!!!


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