Sunday, 4 November 2012

Post Hallowe'en Post

Did you all have a good Hallowe'en?  Lots of treats and not too many tricks?

I managed to make my little JBW cat into an ornie using some of the bat fabric Shebafudge sent me in her Giveaway.  (edit: the fabric actually came from Sarah Crafty Moo's giveaway - oops).  Here it is hanging from my Hallowe'en themed display:

That's a turtle at the bottom, he's not Hallowe'en, he just lives there in a random fashion.  He has magnetic feet and was a present from my sis to my son when she'd spent the Summer hatching turtles on a desert island.  It's a tough job but someone has to do it because the turtle-mummies are bad mummies and don't stick around to protect the babies from predators.

Here is the Large Boy's lunch on Hallowe'en:

The eyeballs are made of chocolate!

We watched The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride on DVD that day then went to the cinema to see the new Tim Burton film Frankenweenie the next day.  Three great movies although my colleagues did laugh at me when I said there was only one really scary bit where I had to hold the boy's hand, for my sake not his!!  The film is only a PG too.

I also made lots of progress on Frightful by Just Nan:

All that's left is three more ghosties in the middle, the border and the Leviathon stitches in the variegated thread provided.  Then the beads and a ghostie charm.

The Hallowe'en Blog Hop Mystery Phrase Competition is going well, lots of correct entries.  In fact 100% of the entries are correct!  Thank you to everyone who posted their picture in a timely fashion.  Apologies to those who found the link to Blue Star Stitcher wasn't working.  I changed it when the first person told me but Blogger wouldn't accept it and kept reverting to the email link!  In the end I had to delete the link and start again, Bah.

The competition is open until 00.01 hours 7th November GMT.

One nice side effect of the Blog Hop was the increase in followers for us all.  I have now topped the 300 mark and there will be a giveaway in due course.  I'm just sorting through the tut, unwanted stash, pile of goodies to see what to offer you.

I've been updating my Happy Dance blog, I now have all of 2012 and 2011 loaded and am working my way backwards through my photo albums.  I have at least 100 entries to load from 1993 to 2010 and that's just stuff I have pictures of!  It's really interesting to see the years of high output versa the low output years according to my personal life and/or state of mind!  One thing that hasn't changed much is my taste, I stitched designs back in the 1990s that I would still stitch now.  I've always leaned towards samplers and fantasy designs so I guess they are pretty timeless?

Question - has your stitching taste stayed the same over the years or how has it changed?

Finally, I know alot of my followers are fans of Downton Abbey and yes, that is how we all live in England, just like in the show, in houses just like their's.  So what do you think of this cute little mini-cushion from Sheena Rogers Designs?  A mere 6 inches square and perfect for stitching while you watch.

Click on the picture for details of how to purchase either the kit or the chart.


  1. I love the Halloween lunch idea. I wish I had though of it!

  2. Mmmmm....the lunch looks lovely.

    Of course we all live exactly like that! My butler was saying to the cook only the other day that Downton Abbey was so realistic.

    I am obviously really going senile as I really cannot recall the bat fabric at all. How long ago was the giveaway?

    I love the way you have your Halloween pieces displayed, it looks fab.

  3. You're doing great on the JN - it's so cute. Thanks for the pointer to the DA design, might have to get that one... because I obviously don't have too much stash already. But I am such a great fan of the series, sigh.

  4. ohhh love that lunch :) glad you got lots of stitching done and wish I could have gone to the pictures with you ... love the kids movies far better than the adult ones ....
    well done on the followers too ... I too am reaching a big milestone and have been wondering what to do for it :) love mouse xxxxx

  5. Great progress on your Halloween piece. Love the lunch plate.


  6. Ha, the Downton pattern is very sweet.

    But nooo its over now (until Christmas at least)

  7. Wow Jo you truly embrace Halloween. Good on you stunner!! It sounds and looks awesome. I'm hoping to see Frankenweenie on my next days off, I've seen his previous ones too and loved them. xox Alicia

    P.S. I'm waiting to hear from you about the actress that would play me. I answered your question in my blog post "I'm still here". Sorry it took so long to answer but it was a really hard question. Take care xoxo

  8. The halloween display is great, I really like the wire rack the pictures are displayed on.
    Yes we really all do live just like that don't we ;D
    Excuse me while I go and be condescending to the servants...

  9. hello dear great progress on your Halloween piece...
    yummyy lunch plate...
    hugs cucki xx

  10. Frightful is looking really good! Thanks for the link to the Downton Abbey cushion - I am going to order the kit I think. It is so nice - are you planning to order one, too?

  11. Congratulations on reaching 300+ followers! Lovely projects, & that lunch is a hoot! In answer to your question, oh my yes ... my tastes have changed so much! When I came back to stitching last year, I bought so much stuff from designers I remembered in my first 2 stitching lives & over the past couple months I've been looking at them & wondering what in the world was I thinking! I've gone from country or cutesy themes to things more on the primitive or folksy side, ornaments, samplers, pinkeeps, etc. I need to give my stash a good clean out!

  12. Great Halloween plate!!! It looks yummy!! Downton cushion is sweet!! Can't wait for Christmas for the next episode...

  13. What a clever way to display your Halloween pieces!

  14. my stitching taste is still the same, yes i have stitched flowers and teddy bears etc but hated it, always have and will love fantasy

  15. Ooh congrats on 300 followers. Love the way you've displayed your halloween pics. JN looking fab.

    Have my tastes changed? a bit I guess, I still love big bold blooms but not so much the cutesy stuff I started with 8 years ago.

  16. Mmmm, eyeballs! I wound up making a meat pie and cutting the pie crust into a pumpkin face. For lunch we had little octopus hotdogs in our un-Halloween chili, haha.

    Answer - I've only been going for 3.5 years so... maybe a little? I started out learning on tiny kits with the plastic frames and now I'm more into video game / anime stitchings. So un-typical, lol.

  17. Just had to comment on how grotesquely awesome Large Boy's lunch was!

    HAHA about Downton Abbey. Hubby, who's from Zimbabwe, was asked in his early college days if they had monkeys in the backyard. "Yup," he replied. "they live back there with the lions and elephants."


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