Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Is your home the Home of a Needleworker?

And how would I know?

That's the question I'd like you to answer to win my copy of the LHN chart of the same name.

I received the chart last year in a giveaway from Nic the Obsessive Cross Stitcher.  I was so determined to stitch it that I included it in my "12 in '12" and lo and behold, here it is - completed:

Spot the tiny change?  Not 100% sure of them but the Large Boy recognised them for what they are so that's good enough for me.  I was going to use the cute charm Sarah-Beth sent me but it was too big.

The other change was to use the rose pink for some of the letters as I liked the colour.  With hindsight I think I should have used it for my initials letters as it does stand out amongst the muted shades.  Oh yes, and I satin stitched the triangle border, not cross stitched because it was sooooooo much quicker!  And added little red stitches to the wreath instead of the pale green charted which wouldn't have shown up over 1.  But's that's it really!

The design is stitched over 1 thread on the 28count flax linen Kaye sent me with the JBW Noah's Ark chart, that will also be framed in the same brown wood frame (£3.80 from Wilkinsons for my UK followers, available in a variety of sizes!).

I know alot of you already have this chart, either already stitched or in your stash but for those of you that don't, here's a chance to join us!  All you have to do is:

1. Be a follower
2. Leave a comment on this post
3. Telling me HOW I would know I was in the "Home of a Needleworker" if I came to your house/flat/castle.  What is the first thing I would see when I walk up your path/through your door/across your drawbridge?

You have until Wednesday 3rd October to answer.  Make sure that if you are a "no-replier" you include some way for me to contact you.  Even if you've got the chart already please feel free to answer the question just for fun.  You never know, I might have something else you'd like!

Here's my new start, the first of my Hallowe'en stitching (yes, I put an apostrophe in the word because it used to be there when I was young).  This is a freebie from Puntini Puntini but I don't think it's available anymore.  There are some nice freebies still on the blog anyway and some adorable buttons!  When I get to the bottom you'll see the reason I fell in love with this chart!

I'm stitching on 28 count evenweave over 1 using the free Sullivans thread which came with JCS this month.  This is one day's stitching done while the Small Boy was at preschool.  I have to sit at the back of the hall so I might as well do something productive.  I did join in at singing time though because the playleader was struggling to explain The Farmer's in his Den to 2 year olds!

Finally, my blog has just hit the 50,000 views mark!  How incredible is that?


cucki said...

Hello dear.what a sweet chart I so much wanted to stitch it..
I am your happy follower you know that .
Yup my home is a home of a needle worker ..and when you enter on first thing you see my happy welcome sign and then enter in and my stitching pictures on the walls and my Stitchy basket near the couch...and always one of my project lying on the couch :)
Please count me in
Thank you xxx

cucki said...

And your finish piece is so cute too xxx

Vickie said...

Hi Jo! I am your follower. I like this chart very much and would stitch it small like you did. ;)
When you enter my home you would know that I sew and stitch. There are wall quilts up and a lap quilt on my husband's chair. I have lots of poodle stitching about too. ;)

Shebafudge said...

OOOOOh, how would you know you were in the Home of a Needleworker?

Well.... as you come in the front door you can look to your right and about half way up the stairs is parked a "green mini".

To the left you go in the lounge and wonder "How does your Garden Grow?" As you shut the lounge door, you will see some blokes playing "Sunday Cricket" behind it.

Moving on through into the kitchen/diner, you will spot some "Autumn Leaves" and as we know "I'm right, he's wrong". There is a "Garden Shed" at the top of a stairs.

In Rachael's room you can find "David Tennant" snuggled up in her bed with a "Westie" stood on top of her TV.

Moving away from the obvious there are the less obvious clues.

For example, I have tried testing the theory that once the dust hits 3" high it stops accumulating. This is wrong - my dust is at least 5" and is still growing.

If you can conquer the Mount Everest of washing scattered down the hallway trying to walk to the washing machine to get clean you may fall over my WIP/UFO box under the stairs.

The poor cats have taken to sitting outside Pets at Home in the hope someone will take pity and feed them.

Of course the biggest clues are the fact that my homepage is when the laptop is turned on and the stack of final demands from the mortgage company who apparently don't appreciate that stash is more important than their monthly payments.

I do of course take care of the children's nutritional needs -I couldn't let that slip. Domino's pizza deliver a large pepperoni every night at 6pm prompt.

Of course I am joking about the dust - it's only 4".

So you see I could really do with another "Home of a Needleworker" Good luck everyone!!

Sarah Beth said...

Hi I'm a follower. Its a simple answer to your question. You would see all the needlework all over my walls. And you would see my "Sarah Beth" piles of projects as my husband calls them all over the house. In every room there is a few projects waiting for me to work on them. My cross stitch magazines are here and there as well. Every once in a while on a rainey day I get out a collection of one of my fav mags....for the love of cross stitch..just cross stitch...cross country stitching....wocs....cross stitch and needlework...I have three shelves of theses mags organized into order by date and by title. I find my taste in designs change often so I don't get rid of any of the mags. Also I have many shelves of needlework books from many different decades. On my kindle are ebooks on needlework. Often you will see floss here or there because I might be in the middle of kitting up a project. Even in the car I have projects and special project bags to carry my needlework in. Forget having a neat house because I spend most of my time doing the needlework. And of course you will see a few sewing machines and lots of fabric for finishing as well as bins of embellishments.. charms...ribbon..etc. I am a needlework and stash addict and my home definitely reflects it.

Xeihua (Sara) said...

Hi, Just wanted to say lovely finish you have and what a nice start :)
Good luck to everyone :) Hugs,

Annie said...

Too funny! At my one br condo, there is barely room for anything else with all the needlework around. Every spare inch of wall space is covered with needlework finishes. Every tabletop is crowded with needlework coasters and smalls. Every knob has an ornament hanging from it. Every closet has needlework sachets hanging from the rods. And all stotage space is bulging with stash. Then there is the corner of my br where the sewing machine is always at the ready, bookshelves with nothing but patterns, magazines and hardback books on the subject. Plus a stitching project always at the ready by my TV chair. I may have to move to my balcony!

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

Hello Joanne - this is a fun question - when you first enter my door you will find a cross stitched and beaded welcome sign then you will glance right and see a dining table and on it is a cross stitch magazine, a lapframe and a few needlework projects I am currently working on - then you will look up and start to notice my walls are covered in cross stitch - and if you still don't realise you are in a home of a needleworker then maybe I need a sign saying "Home of a Needleworker" ; )

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Hi Jo,
Love your LHN finish over one! Awesome!

How would you know my house is the home of a needleworker? Cross stitch, needlepoint, and/or quilts on the walls of every room, a small bookcase devoted to seasonal finishes, my two new floating shelves full of finished pieces, stash in every closet and many drawers, needlework books and magazines everywhere, orts in places they shouldn't be (my bosom, the dog), Guild IDs in my wallet, and my LNS on speed dial on my cell phone. And next year, "Home of a Needleworker" is already on my to-stitch list (and will of course be stitched, framed and hung on the wall) because I already have the chart!

Nicola said...

Good luck to everyone, I already have the chart.

However you can tell my home belongs to a needle worker as the walls are covered in framed stitching projects and the window sills have lots of freestanding pieces.

I am running out of wall space.

lanybleu said...

Your finish is fantastic.
If you came into my home you would be in no double, stitched pics on the wall, cushions, and my workframe at the side of the couch with my current wip.

Giovanna said...

Very nice finish and framing! I have the other version of this saying by LHN, so I'll pass on the draw... but the first thing you'd see when walking through my front door is Brightneedle's Doll House hanging on the wall, so that would give you a hint :-)

Kerryp77 said...

Hi Jo
Such a lovely sentiment. You cold tell home is one where a needleworker lives as its no longer safe to leave your shoes at the door for fear of stepping on a needle, If you do decide to venture in you will pass my Art Nouveau window piece on the stair case as you follow the floss trail into the lounge where you will see my corner piled high with mags, wips and everything else I couldn't possibly live without. You will see my basket of Ami's and pincushions and the huge bowl of biscornu by the TV not to mention the stitched bits here, there and everywhere, No room is safe from my obsession!
Finally congrats on all those page views 50,000 is quite some landmark!!! You can find me at
Kerry. x

Joysze said...

I'm going to pass on winning the chart, Jo, but I wanna play!! :D

How would you know... well, you walk in the house and a framed 23rd Psalm from My Big Toe Designs greets you.... walk a little ways in, turn to the left, and there's the Mirabilia wall.

Venture into the den, and TW's Peacock Tapestry and Mates are there to welcome you.

Gotta go??? No problem... head to the guest room and whilst you *ahem* purge (LOL!), you can gaze at a Chatelaine mini mandala.

The living room welcomes your presence with Sheila Wolk's Metamorphosis and Chatelaine's Taj Mahal Mandala.

The master bed and bath find themselves graced with Chatelaine's Chinese Mandala, Harmony by Serendity Designs, Chatelaine's Japanese Mandala, and JE's geisha. Oh... and pixies in the closet.


Joyce Clark Frank said...

What a fun give a way. Yes, I am a follower. You would know I am a stitcher when you walk in my fron door and be greeted by framed stitched pieces not only hanging on the wall, but on the buffet too. I also have a hanging ornament display rack on my sunroom door and of course my table next to my chair have all of items, such as needles, scissors and other stitching needs. Then there are WIPs next to the chair and in my craft room.
Come join me and enjoy.

Silverlotus said...

Goodness, I've wanted to stitch that chart for ages! How would you know that my home is the house of a needleworker? Well, there are needlework pictures on all the walls, including the one you see as you walk in the door. There is also nearly always some wip laying on my spot on the sofa, and another one over by the computer. You wouldn't miss the fact that a needleworker lives here. :D

Patty C. said...

Oh - your finish is lovely - how would you know i am a needleworker - most likely you would sit on a needle if came to visit - i lose them in the sofa when i stitch - lol

And once you recovered you might see my stitching on the walls ;)

Great giveaway - please include me :)

rosey175 said...

LOL, these comments! They make me feel so ashamed. I'll pass on the drawing, but as for knowing there's someone stabbing fabric... YOU BARELY WOULDN'T!

HOWEVER. If you were ultra perceptive and glancing around the living room when you first entered, you might discern something goes on over by the rocking chair as there's a strange contraption involving round sticks on legs. If you wandered over to investigate that weird thing, you might notice the little box that looks suspiciously like it might contain things used for stitching.

Now you've got to be nosy. You have to venture upstairs to a quaint little room tucked away in a bright corner of the second story. Only then you'd realize. The bookcase of charts. The wall of hoops. The rainbow cart of miscellany. The closet filled with Items of Stitchy Goodness. My oasis.

It's actually a hobby room. There's also a rather large collection of legos, proof that I'm not the only one that uses it. I also do puzzles up there 'cause it really is a bright and cheerful room. It's also the messiest room in the house. ;)

I'm working on Wall Proof. Whenever I get something framed for myself, I'll probably take a picture of it just to prove it to myself, LOL!

Marcy said...

What a fun question!

Upon entering my house, the dogs would great you with sloppy kisses and much dancing for joy at seeing you.

Once they've calmed or I've thrown them out the back door because they are sooo happy to greet a human that isn't sitting on the couch with a tiny, shiny stick in hand, you might notice my interesting wall paper. Upon closer examination, you determine it isn't wall paper but many, many framed, stitched items hung closely together.

If that doesn't get your attention, the abundance of lighting might -- especially if they're all turned on. Break out those sunglasses! You might burn out your retinas if you look to long at them.

What's this you see in the far corner -- another little dog sitting so calmly, so quietly. Hmmm, what kind of odd pup is that? It has no head or tail or legs -- just a big ball of fur. Whoops! That's just my favorite dust bunny. Don't mind it.

LOL -- I would love to be included in your giveaway. Like you, I would stitch it over one -- my wall space is getting scarcer every day. I need to stitch things smaller and smaller.

Congrats on the 50,000 -- awesome!

Caitlin Jordan said...

Hey, congrats on a beautiful finish :D

you would tell my house because if you look to the left after walking through the door there is my chair. it is covered with scissors and about 4 different projects. I have scissors everywhere around my house. also balls of wool. I also have one room dedicated to craft. with all my stuff stored in there.

Julie said...

Home of the Needleworker looks wonderful, found my chart, it'snot this one after all,it's the (too) one.