Tuesday, 7 February 2012

February WIPocalypse

Progress for the WIPocalypse - not much, the world cannot end just yet!

Part 1 - my 12 in '12 -
Here is Green Goddess:

The Dark Alphabet progress pic was posted at the weekend.

My Lovely Sewing Tools, no progress since I last posted, here's a reminder:

Part 2 - Just Nan-a-thon:

This is Spring Peepers, a 1998 chart stitched on 28 count blue evenweave:

Part 3 - Theme-a-licious: Jardin Janvier and Fan-Girl February:

Green Goddess - see above.
WOCS Violet Birthday card, backstitched then hand-coloured:

Just Nan - see above plus my Round Robin (pic to follow when my band is finished.)
That's this month's round-up, looking forward to seeing your's.

Just remembered, the violet card is for the Needlecraft Haven Birthday Exchange.  There isn't an April birthday in that exchange so if your birthday is in April, please let me know as I need a recipient for the April flower!  You don't need to be in the NH exchange, this will be a private thing just so I can stitch the whole set!


  1. I love Green Goddess and My Lovely Sewing Tools is really looking really spiffy.

  2. they're looking great Jo, Green Goddess is amazing. x

  3. Great stitching as always. Love them all. Wish my birthday was in April.


  4. Everything looks amazing! I especially like the Green Goddess. I'm still amazed at the hand coloring after backstitching card. And I am an April baby! Doctors or my parents couldn't count very well as my due date was sometime in February and I am prety sure DMom was not pregnant for 11 months!

  5. love your green goddess ... the sewing tools is fab and the wee card is gorgeous ....
    my months round up mmmmmmmm to get my 200 followers winners prizes out ;)
    watch out for the postie next week heheheheh love mouse xxxxxx

  6. I love the Green Goddess, I have one on my slideshow, check it out. Sewing tools is adorable and I love that card. If you need a June birthday let me know.

  7. You've been very Jo. It all looks lovely.

  8. Great progress Jo!! Love that Birthday card with the violets. So sweet and special!!

  9. I always love looking at your stuff, Jo. It's all so original! My birthday is in August, but Boyfriend's is in April! Haha

  10. Green Goddes looks great on the fabric you are using!

  11. That first one looks amazing!! :)

  12. All the projects look great. Green goddes is amazing and I love the card. This technique is really awesome!

  13. Lovely card for Sheila. Nice WIP'S too.
    Thanks for stopping by my bog and leaving a comment.

  14. I love the sewing tools and the colors who designed it if I might ask it is lovely!!


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