Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmas is a coming!

This is supposed to be a quick post but I'm sure it won't be!

Here are my finished Noel and Merry Christmas stitched as part of the Needlecraft Haven Freebie of the Month.   I've done a few months now, Christine chooses a free chart for the month and we stitch it up with a Big Reveal on the final weekend.  These two are by Log Cabin Needleworks.

These are stitched on 28 count evenweave tea-dyed (after my family had drunk the tea I reused the bags!).  I added the border to Noel so they would match, it's my current favourite DMC 115.  I also added beads for the holly berries. 

I'd like some advice on this page, there is a gap next to Merry Christmas, does it need filling?  I have a small piece of the same evenweave left from trimming that I could stitch part of the green scrolls onto.

I have decided to start scrapbooking my smalls as I have acquired rather alot of the them thanks to the Forums and Blogs!  For Christmas Hubby is buying me a super special concertina sided scrapbook which comes with 12x12in pockets that you slide these mounts into.  The mounts are only a few pence (69p to be precise!) and there's a HUGE range available.  The books come with 10 pockets as standard and can expand to fit 80 pockets.  Any bets on how long it will take to fill a whole one?

I hope you're all enjoying the Advent Calendar as much as I am, there is a slight time-lag with some of the posts due to the different time zones we all live in.  The USA bloggers are posting after the Aussies have gone to bed!  But the calendar is filling up nicely.  I've met some new followers through it and I hope you have too.

One of my new followers is Evalina Maria originally from Poland, now Yukon.  She is running a great activity after Christmas which I'll be joining in with: 12-days-of-christmas-in-blogland.  Sound fun?  Pop over and sign up.  There will be blog posts about arty-crafty things (how difficult will that be hahaha) and a giveaway.  Mine will be a little giveaway with alot of love so don't feel you have to send a crate of stuff out to join in!!

Also though a new follower I stumbled across this class - Thistle Threads  click on the "next" button under the picture to read all about the project, wipe the drool off the keyboard and breathe a sigh of relief when you see it is fully-booked up.  Why the sigh of relief?  The price!!  It looks like the most amazing project and course ever and I would so love to join in but hubby would kill me, we'd have to sell one of the children, any offers?

Finally, I've finished my posting out of cards etc, if you receive anything from me, let me know it's arrived safely, I put alot of faith in the Post Office, it's nice to know it's justified!


  1. Beautiful finishes. I really like those designs. Love the idea of scrapbooking your smalls! So much nicer than stuffing them in a plastic box as I do! A little something next to Merry Christmas would balance it out and red is the predominate color, so green scrolls would work well. WOW! on the stitcher's casket project! While I'd love to watch your progress, I've already raised my share of children (or child in my case).

  2. wow beautiful finishes..i love them both so much..
    keep well dear and have a lovely day..hugs cucki xx

  3. It's so nice to see someone else doing a scrapbook of their stitching! I just put my first finish in my scrapbook. Filling it? That will take some time.

  4. I really should NOT have clicked on that Thistle Threads link! I have a thing about boxes and I love making and stitching them. Maybe I'll sell all my kids - only then could I dream of having the money and the time!

    Have you seen Looks to be slightly more affordable .....

    PS. We do have a lot in common - my Alexander was 6 weeks premature and it was (at least partly) my Granny's fault!

  5. They look wonderful, Jo. Thank you so much for sharing your finishes with me.

    Take Care & Happy Stitchin'
    Hugs, Sandy (Log Cabin Needlework's)

  6. Your finishes are gorgeous. I look forward to seeing them scrapbooked which I think is a fantastic idea.

  7. I love how you added the border to Noel so they'd match, both look fantastic!

  8. Love Noel and Merry Christmas, Jo!! I don't think you need to add anything between Merry and Christmas. The space there matches the space you have above the OE of Noel and the border. Just perfect. :D

  9. oooo looks lovely done in the scrap book page ... did you tea dye after you stitched ?? and went to the link and eeeeeeeeeeeekkkk I'm with you on the price love mouse xxxx

  10. Very pretty ornaments - well done!

  11. I do like the thread colours you have used.
    I did a book of stitches a few years ago see here ~

  12. I think that they look good as they are. Tea dying is great fun, have you tried using camomile? I hope you post some photos of your scrapbook as you fill it.

  13. OH MY GOSH! And I thought Chatelaines were expensive! I bet the result would be amazing but wow...

  14. Your challenge pieces turned out great! I've stitched those two as well.

  15. Lovely smalls Jo!! And a great idea to put them into a scrapbook!! I think they look perfect as they are!! Have fun with the 12 days of Christmas!!

  16. $1000 might actually guilt me into keeping up with the class! Ha.

  17. Lovely stitching :)
    Oh! i love your blog snowflakes!! so cool :D

  18. Lovely finishes and a really interesting post, Jo.

    Jo, I must say thank you. The gorgeous card you stitched for me arrived today! It is so beautiful, I feel really privileged to be the recipient. Please check out my blog to see my pos about it.

    Merry Christmas, Kaye xoxox

  19. Lovely finishes, and sorry I missed your advent thing, but I'd never have had the time to take part... maybe next year... :)

    And I'm signed up for the 12 days of christmas I was thinking of doing a little giveaway, so this seems like the most fun way of doing it :)

    oh, and thanks for the offer of the shoes, not sure they'll quite do for my size 7 clodhoppers!


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