Monday, 24 October 2011

Giveaways Galore

Firstly, the Crafty Lil Witch is having a Brooke's Books giveaway this week.

Next, the winner of my mini-competition was drawn at random by the large boy from a pile of scraps of paper.  The person who will receive a Christmas card stitched with the skyline of her choice is.......

Kaye's comment on Coventry was very long!  She gave a complete history lesson on Lady Godiva (from memory).  I googled the story to check her facts and apart from being one century out she was spot on!  If you are interested in learning more about Coventry, here is a very interesting website: Historic Coventry.  HAED do a gorgeous Lady Godiva design too.

I seem to be on a winning streak myself, as well as Cucki's TP and Madame Muriel the Travelling Granny I have also won Sarah's PIF (aka The Crafty Moo).  I love all these mini-giveaways.  Someone somewhere was complaining about "Competitive Giveawaying" where people try to have huge expensive giveaways to outgive other people's.  I'd much rather have a small pattern or a little stitched something with a fun competition than all the razzamatazz.

This weekend I've been stitching the Sewing Tools Sampler from Gift of Stitching magazine and also this cute little Spooky SAL from San Man Originals Message Board:

I've actually stitched the central ghostie now and am waiting for Part 3.  The fabric is the same 28count Jazlyn I stitched Lisa Roswell's By the Light of the Moon on earlier this year.  I have loads of it left so all my Hallowe'en designs will be stitched on it!

Finally, in response to my carpet pic, Kathy has posted a pic of her similarly patterned carpet.  Could this be a new trend?  Forget cute cats and delicious cookery, show us your carpet!


  1. Getting something special from a blogger friend is always great. I try to send according to the person who wins...more personal.
    Can't wait to see where the Madame visits....

  2. Great new start. Congrats on the giveaway wins.

  3. Love that fabric your halloween designs are going on.
    I have wooden floors with a plain reddish rug, but I still can't see any needles etc LOL

  4. oooo well done on your wins :)and congrats to your winner :) nice bright fabric for your Halloween stitching :) can't wait to see more of it those bats are cuteeee :) love mouse xxxx

  5. congratulations for winning another giveaway..
    and big congratulations for your winner..
    lovely new start..looking so interesting..
    have a lovely day..
    with lots of hugs.cucki xxx

  6. Nice start on the SAL - what a GREAT fabric!
    Still waiting for part 3...

  7. Congratulations to the winner. I really like that San-man project and that's the perfect fabric.

  8. Oooh, love the halloweeny fabbie, Jo. Can't wait to see more of it.

  9. Hi Jo,

    Oh, I am so excited to have won. Thank you so much, I will have to choose Coventry, of course, please.

    Can't wait to receive such a lovely Christmas card - and no worries if it comes after Chrissie - I will display it proudly anyway!

    Congrats on your wins, too.

    Hugs and thanks again, Kaye xoxox

  10. I'd show you my carpet, if I could see it! I swear ever since I moved back in with my parents I've been experiencing teenage angst and "clean your room!" syndrome.

    Oh well. Congrats, Kaye! (JEALOUS)

  11. Yes, it is fun to win. I enjoy all of the give a ways, small and big.
    I am not picky. I have also had a give a way on my blog when I hit 100 followers. Love your stitching.

  12. great fabric colour for your San Man design.

  13. Hi Jo - I love that pumpkin-colored fabric you are stitching - very pretty!
    To me it doesn't matter is the giveaway is big or small - I never win anyway - lucky in love though... ;-)


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