Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sheepie Dance and Green Goddess

Happy Dance down on Sheepie Farm!  This cute little design is a freebie from Bronny's Bits.  She is having a sheep year.  Have a look at her blog if you want to see lots of cute sheep.  Last year was Snowmen, who knows what next year will bring!  Her entry for 7th August tells you how to get the chart.

Stitched on 28count pale green evenweave.
I have changed the colours and one of the sheep into a piggie.  The reason is the book under the photo.  The small boy has 4 favourite books which we read every bedtime.  They are all published by Barefoot Books and written by Clare Beaton.  The illustrations are all photos of fabric collages and are lovely.  I really recommend them for pre-schoolers.  The theme of How Big is a Pig is opposites, each animal is shown representing a pair of opposites - so "some cows are thin; some cows are fat", "some dogs are quick; some dogs are slow" with the same refrain "but how big is a pig," then a rhyming question "can you answer that?" "Do you think you know?"  Slightly less repetitive than many books!

And here is the progress on Joan Elliott's Green Goddess after 4 evenings:
Stitched on 32count hand-dyed Murano
She's getting her own Progress Page now!  I am moving the pages back upto the top of my blog, I don't think they're very noticeable down the side.  I like having all my followers up the top too, I can see ALL your smiling faces!  The giveaway is going well, 25% of my followers have joined it and the prizes are all popular which is good.  Don't forget, I will be giving away TWO prizes, one for the game of skill guessing our names and one will be a random draw of everyone who enters.  This gives everyone an equal chance of winning something, even if you get all the names wrong!


cucki said...

i love your sheep sweet..
and the goddess is coming along so lovely..have a lovely sunday dear xx

Lesleyanne said...

A lovely finish and great progress on your goddess.

Jenny said...

I love your piggie!
The goddess looks divine! ;-) seriously though, you have done a great progress in just a few evenings - very impressive!

Kaisievic said...

I love the sheep farm and thanks for the link - the green goddess is really taking shape, too,

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

P.S.Glad to hear that the Giveaway is going well - fingers crossed that I win! lol

Anne said...

Those sheep are darling!! Cute books too!! The green goddess looks good too. I really like the fabric you chose for her.

Mouse said...

awwwww that is sooo sweet the changes and the green goddess is really coming on a treat :) love mouse xxxx

Christine said...

Your sheep farm is so sweet! Great progress on the Green Goddess too

Bronny said...

Jo, I am so pleased at your adaptation of my chart. I think your personalisation is wonderful. I'm thrilled to bits with your version.
You'll have to keep stitching your goddess now - she's looking at you.
Happy stitching!

Giovanna said...

Cute farm - well done!

Blu said...

Those sheep are adorable!
Great start on Green Goddess! Do you plan on stitching Rose Goddess/Father Sun/Mother Moon?

Kathy Ellen said...

I just discovered your blog and love seeing all of your wonderful stitching. "Bronny's Bits" is such a sweet little piece. I love the sheep!

My goodness, you have made beautiful progress on "Green Goddess" in only four evenings! Can't wait to see your progress on it.

Sally said...

Your Sheep Farm is so sweet! Love it!

Nice progress on Green Goddess:)

Jennifer M. said...

The sheep design came out so cute. It looks great in that frame it is in. Very nice!

Nice Start on the Joan Elliot design. I just bought a book of her designs that was a special publication by a cross stitch magazine. I will definitely be working on one of those designs in the near future.

Keep showing us that progress missy. :)


Joysze said...

Awww, hehehehe, the sheep farm is so cute, and that piggy.... LOL!!!!!!

Nice start on JE's GG. I can't wait to see more.... love the fabbie color too.

Sarah said...

verry nics done

i follow your blog

Mvg Sarah

Anne Marieke said...

Hi Jo,

You asked about the threads I'm using for Chatelaine's Herbularius. The vibrant turquoises you like so much are NPI threads, pure silk.

Other threads used are Caron Waterlilies, Petite Treasure Braid and Gloriana Florimell, of which one is also a turqouise called Peacock Blue.

Love your stitching!