Thursday, 29 September 2011

Progress on iStitch and the Mystery solved

Here is my progress on iStitch's SAL.  The theme has now been guessed correctly, the piece is based on a printer's tray, with each block being a little stamp.  It'd be great if all the designs were available as stamps!

I solved the Mystery of the Gift Voucher.  I phoned Willow Fabrics and asked them who had purchased it.  Unfortunately their system doesn't show this information BUT when I was chatting I mentioned I thought it could have been a magazine competition win, this rang a bell and she went off to check.  Yes, Cross Stitch Collection awarded me £10 for my useful tip on what to do if you spill beads on the floor.  This tip was published in Issue 202 released this week.  So, not a secret admirer but very nice anyway.

I also received the chart for Home of a Needleworker from Nicola (the Obsessive Cross Stitcher) with a lovely surprise, a fresh new skein of each of the colours!  There is something special about new threads all co-ordinating together.  How very generous of her, I will be passing the chart on when I've stitched it.

My presents are still rolling in.  My Sparklies fabric arrived, the Tigerlily is perfect for Passione Ricamo's Autumn Fairy but the Monarch is scaring me!  I thought it would be nice for Nora Corbett's Trick or Treat Fairy being in two shades of pink and purple.  But the piece I have has lots of yellow in it.  It's amazing but I'm a newbie for such wild fabrics.  The Purpleberry Spludge is the wildest I've used so far and that's subtle compared to this.

So, any ideas of what to stitch on it?  Or do I just frame it as modern art?  The ladies over at the Mirabilia Yuku Board are coming up with some great ideas but the more the merrier!


  1. Have you seen Glendon Place - Witches Wheel - that would look sharp on that fabric!

  2. Congrats on your win and progress on the SAL. I have never used this type of fabric so can't help but look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  3. That fabric is just beautiful, I'm thinking some of the Plum Street Sampler designs would look good on it, I don't think it wants anything too fussy.
    Having said that I can almost see a fairy shape in the centre if you could find a Mirabilia flower fairy that fit

  4. Oo I love wild fabric, a silhouette would look fabulous on that!!

  5. congratulations on your win and great progress on the sal..looking so sweet..the fabric is very lovely...i am agree with christine..i think a mirabilia fairy will look lovely on it..
    keep well and have a lovely day xx

  6. Lovely progress on your SAL, it is so pretty in that colour blue. Love the fabric :)

  7. way to go on solving the problem see it wasn't me hehehe .. and the fabric is fab .. mmm do a floss toss on it and see if you like the colours against the fabbie .... if not choose a pattern that has one dark colour and let the fabric shine through :) hope that helps :) love mouse xxxx

  8. Love the new fabric - when you find the right design it will be stunning. Your blue istitch SAL is looking lovely too.

    Hugs, Kaye xoxox

  9. Have you ever seen Who Knew designs? They mostly do amazingly detailed silhouette patterns. The mermaid ones wouldn't really work but a fairy one would! They're done all in one colour so it wouldn't get drowned out!

  10. The fabric is interesting, and I love your iStitch mystery SAL piece! Thank you for finding my blog.

  11. Your SAL piece is looking lovely. I've not had chance to do mine yet but hope to this weekend.

    That fabric is gorgeous. No idea what you could stitch on it but is is pretty.

    Glad you found out where the GC came from:)

  12. I love to look at people's choices on that type of fabric but I am too much of a wimp to use it myself so am a dead loss I am afraid! I am enjoying Carol's SAL too.


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