Monday, 8 August 2011

Sarah's Giveaway and the Travelling Pattern

The lovely Sarah at CraftyMoo is having a giveaway.  I love Sarah because she appears to be wearing a pink feather boa in her profile pic which always makes me smile.

This is my progress on the Travelling Pattern after 2 days of stitching:
I chose a piece of rustic fabric I bought when my LNS was closing earlier this year.  It appeared to be 32 count.  But I discovered it is only 32 count horizontally, vertically it is 26 count.  How random is that?  So the design is coming out much taller than expected!

The red and blue threads are DMC variegated but there doesn't seem to be much varience apart from the paler blue at the beginning.  The brown fence is a tweeded pair from my scraps bag.  I do like a bit of tweeding!

It seems from the comments on my last post that I am the only stitcher in touch with her inner-6-year old who marks her chart nicely with lots of pretty colours.  Next post I will show you my scraps bag and see if I'm a minority of one in that too!

Edited to add - a friend wants to learn how to make cushions, small decorative pillows and ornaments, things that involve sewing.  Does anyone have a tutorial page on their blog or can recommend a good one?  Thanks!


Joysze said...

I love this new start, Jo. The colors are beautiful and the sentiment so precious. Definitely something to live by. :)

Gabi said...

I think I have a piece of the same fabric here. I bought it for a large projects and thankfully found out in time that it has 2 different counts vertically/horizontally. I still have no clue what to do with the
Your piece is looking great anyway. I bet it will turn out gorgeous. Love those colors too.

cucki said...

hi,your stitching is looking so lovely..please count me in for the travelling pattern stitching..i so much wanted to stitch it..really soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much:)

RuthB said...

Ohhhh how annoying to have a fabric off that much. Regardless your stitching looks lovely.

I've never colored my charts all pretty like you, but I might have to think about it-- I love how it looks lol

Joy said...

Your work on the mermaid is wonderful. She is a secret wish of mine to do. I may ask for her for my birthday this year. I also love the idea of coloring in the chart with different colors. I do use one color, but that is mostly because of my eye. Its hard for me to differenciate the colors so I use black and white charts with a bright pink high lighter.
BTW, that is weird about the fabric. I didn't know that could happen. It still looks great though.

Rachael xxx said...

Has your friend tried googleing finishing tutorials. I bet there are lots

Mouse said...

well you could always as a mouse how to do stuff ;) as I can sew you know and great progress to the travelling pattern and count me in when you have done :) t.t.f.n love mouse xxx

Jennifer M. said...

Hi Jo!

Come again... that piece of fabric was one count one way and another count the other way??? LOL I don't know why I find that funny. Probably cause I thought "random" like you the minute I read that. That is so bizarre. Now I better look closer at my fabrics. This design is looking cute.

Thanks for your comments on my "J" fairy. I would be interested in seeing this design in different colors. I'm not confident enough to switch colors on a design. I usually fall in love with a chart cause of the colors it already has. I do like the earth tone colors though.


Christine said...

Nice start on the travelling pattern. The fabric sounds odd, fortunately I don't think it will matter with this design, but I could imagine some things looking quite wierd on it

Erin said...

"Count Your Blessings" looks great! So weird about the fabric issue, though. Like Christine said, I don't think it will matter too much with this design...

You asked about tutorials - I used Dani's pillow tutorial when I started sewing.

Babs said...

I mark in different colors aswell, but not like you do, I mark part per part in colors, to have guidelines for beads and backstitches.

To answer on your question, the Summer Fairy is stitched on Polstitches handdyed fabric, called Heavens Above.

Love, Babs

beforethedawn said...

I learned something new. I had no idea there could be 2 different counts! Your trav pattern is looking good!

Blessings, Jessica