Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Not very seasonal finish

Blogger still playing up, still can't get into Dashboard to see who's been posting.  So apologies to all the people I follow, I'm doing my best to find your blogs using the list on the side of mine!

I have just completed this sweet little freebie from The Drawn Thread.  It's called First Snow and as soon as I saw it I wanted to stitch it so it leaped up the priority list and I completed it in only 2 days!  I stitched it on a scrap of mint green pearlescent aida I got in the closing down sale of my LNS.  I have a nice frame ready with is just a teeny bit wide so I'm planning to get some ribbon to go down the left and right sides.

As yet another from the Joan Elliot Oriental booklet.  The free gift with Cross Stitcher was the blue felt frame with a chart for an orange cartoon fox.  Why?  Apparently foxes are in vogue.  News to me.  Owls - yes, see them everywhere, but foxes?  Anyway the iris in a pot fitted perfectly like it was made for the frame and is much nicer.

I finished my decimal week of stitching Bluebeard's Mermaid tonight.  I finished the tailbody, just the tail fin to go now.  There is so much space left for metallics and beads, I hadn't realised how blingy she will be!

And E is for Eek!  Coming soon.

Realised I haven't posted D yet!  Minus the detached buttonhole which I haven't attempted yet.


Giovanna said...

Very pretty ornaments, Jo! Look forward to your E for Eek :-)

Lisa said...

Cute finishes and great progress on your mermaid.